Family Guy Season 20 Trailer Gives Stewie a First Haircut From Hell

There will be blood when Family Guy returns for Season 20 this fall.

On the heels of Saturday’s Comic-Con@Home panel — which you can click here to watch in full — TVLine has an exclusive first look at the Fox comedy’s upcoming 20th season, which includes a nightmarish look at what Stewie thinks happens at the barbershop.

Additional highlights from the trailer include Peter roasting Chris, who was “born on the highway because that’s where most accidents happen”; Chris buying a gun with absolutely no trouble whatsoever; Peter becoming Quahog’s first-ever ninja cop; the Griffin family opening a hotel; Stewie working as Kevin Spacey’s matchmaker; the new Mayor West channelling his inner Borat for Halloween; Stewie getting his first detention; Peter accidentally killing the gopher from Caddyshack, much to his family’s horror; and, of course, Peter taking yet another opportunity to remind viewers that the bird is, in fact, the word.

We also see Lois hit one of Stewie’s many arch nemeses with her car (oops!), Peter deliver an underwhelming TED (2) Talk, and Stewie use some of his signature “flair” to save himself from a risky situation.

New episodes of Family Guy will air Sundays at 9:30/8:30c this fall. Hit PLAY on the trailer above for a taste of the madness in store for Season 20, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.