Animal Kingdom Sneak Peek: J Looks Ready to 'Cry Uncle' When He's Busted

There are lit hibachis that aren’t as hot as the seat in which Animal Kingdom’s J is taking a load off in this exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode (TNT, 9/8c).

Now, J is, of course, used to being in tight spots, what with being a part of the thieving Cody clan. But in this instance, it’s actually his family with whom he’s in trouble. Uncles Deran and Craig, you see, have caught wind of his secrecy and want to know what he’s been hiding. Ever helpful, Uncle Pope chimes in with an itemized list that runs the gamut from a bowling alley to a condo.

As you’ll see when you watch, doing his best not to break a sweat, J is able to explain away some of the properties — they’re good for money-laundering. The reason behind the condo, however, is as matter-of-fact as it is funny. And the JV conniver has no good excuse for how he managed to become a real-estate mogul.

“You stole from us,” huffs Deran. On the contrary, J replies, “I stole from Smurf.”

Alas, none of his uncles are going to let him slide on that technicality. Stealing from their late mother or stealing from them, “that’s the same thing,” says J, by then looking like he wants to fade into the woodwork. To watch the clip in full, just press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments to answer one “simple” question: Which Cody really has what it takes to fill Smurf’s slippers?

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