America's Got Talent Wraps Auditions — Who's Going to Season 16 Live Shows?

AGT Auditions Recap

After eight weeks of auditions, the America’s Got Talent judges have given yeses to more than 150 (mostly) deserving acts. Now comes the hard part.

With the auditions finally complete, the judges convened in Simon Cowell’s backyard at the end of Tuesday’s episode, burdened with the impossible task of narrowing those 150+ acts to just 36.

So, which 36 will be heading to the live shows? That answer will be revealed… in three weeks?! That’s right, folks — AGT is going on a little hiatus during NBC’s coverage of the “2020” Summer Olympics.

In the meantime, here are the acts from Week 8 that could potentially be chosen for the live shows:

* Bini the Bunny, a painting, basketball-playing, hair-combing rabbit impressed the judges with his… tenacity? OK, let’s be honest, the only enjoyable part of this act is Bini’s endearing trainer. Despite voting Bini through to the live shows, even Howie Mandel admitted, “The bunny didn’t do a lot.” Click here to watch.

* Savannah Robertson, a 20-year-old singer who shrugged off the Beyoncé comparisons and delivered an emotional rendition of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License.”

* Zac Taylor, an “adorable” young lad from the UK whose sweet performance of Daniel Caesar’s “Best Part” charmed the ladies in the audience. (Side note: Simon Cowell called him “current,” which is the very same compliment he paid to Katharine McPhee after her American Idol audition.)

* Gabriella Laberge, an “angelic” songstress whose initial violin playing nearly earned a buzzer from Cowell… until he heard that incredible voice. We love a twist!

* Medhat Mamdouh, a beat-boxing recorder player from Egypt who had Sofia Vergara dancing in her seat — and Cowell regretting his initial skepticism. (“It’s nothing personal,” he later explained. “I just hate recorders.”) Watch:

* Sergio Paolo, a Chilean juggler-slash-gymnast whose mastery of the art of bouncing balls would have been impressive even without all the acrobatics. Click here to watch.

* Pasha and Ailona, a dancing “duo” from Moscow that blew the judges’ minds with “their” incredible flexibility, mesmerizing strength and lovely dance moves. Part of me wishes he hadn’t revealed himself to be solo under that costume, but the other part of me knows I wouldn’t have slept tonight without closure. Watch:

* Charming Bears, a trio of cuddly dancers who weren’t even that good… but they were just so darn cute!

* Jonas McEnfro, a hula-hooping tennis player who showed the judges enough of a good time to let him through — even if the audience didn’t get to spend much time with him.

* Anna McNulty, a young contortionist who transformed herself into a human clock before the judges’ very eyes.

* The Science Wizard, who may or may not be a totem bearer from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. (If you know, you know.)

* Lewberger, a trio whose musical salute to Terry Crews’ pecs — complete with giant flags — inspired the host to join in the performance. (Side note: If you’re familiar with the Try Guys on YouTube, this group probably looked familiar to you. Lewberger also competed on NBC’s Bring the Funny in 2019.) Click here to watch.

* Dylan Zangwill, a 14-year-old musician with a voice far beyond his years who jammed out to Queen’s “Somebody to Love.” Click here to watch.

* Rialcris, a trio of strong brothers from Colombia who stacked themselves like the Cat in the Damn Hat. Click here to watch.

* Mike Goodwin, an Army veteran and college counselor who has since pivoted to stand-up comedy. His routine about twisted nursery rhymes started off slow, but once it got on track, the entire audience was hooked. Click here to watch.

* Anica, who channelled Janis Joplin with a spot-on performance of “Piece of My Heart.” Click here to watch.

* Pizza Man Nick Diesslin, whose twirling skills were so good, they convinced Crews to start eating carbs. Click here to watch.

* KIDJAY, whose original hip-hop jam (“Golden Child”) endeared him to the judges.

* Dflex, a jaw-dropping contortionist from Nigeria who dedicated his incredible audition to his wife.

Which of these acts deserve a spot in the live shows? Vote in our poll below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Week 8.

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