Is First Wives Club Worth Staying Committed? Grade the BET+ Drama's Season 2 Premiere!

Ryan Michelle Bathe and Jill Scott in First Wives Club

Nothing says unbothered like sipping fruity cocktails with your girls under the cooling caress of a fancy cabana.

First Wives Club Season 2 picks up with Hazel (Jill Scott), Ari (Ryan Michelle Bathé) and Bree (Michelle Buteau) in a much better place than they were at the start of Season 1, but not completely free of the drama.

Jayla (Michelle Mitchenor) begins her new job at Ari’s old firm and takes on the high-profile case of Maxine Heart (Essence Atkins), a powerful entrepreneur who was publicly served divorce papers during a conference. She founded a dating site that’s similar to Ashley Madison and even set her husband up with a fake job within the company so he’d have something to do. Now that he’s found a new woman, he’s filing for divorce and plans to take half of her assets despite contributing virtually nothing to the company. It’s a big case but Jayla is up for the challenge and is determined not to let Ari, who recommended her for the job, down.

First Wives ClubMeanwhile, Ari and her husband David are struggling with their long-distance relationship. Ari is in Los Angeles setting up her own law firm while David stays behind in New York. She missed their planned virtual dinner date due to work and David missed his flight to L.A. because of an accident, signaling that these two just aren’t on the same page. How can they pursue their career aspirations and also make their marriage work? That’s a question for which they have yet to find an answer.

Bree and her husband Gary (RonReaco Lee) are also struggling to balance their busy schedules while keeping the romance alive. The couple bickered in bed over Bree’s musty bonnet and penchant for plucking her chin hair in bed, which turned Gary off of sex. Plus, her demanding job as a surgeon has her failing to meet the promises she made, like being more present at home and going back to their therapist. Gary makes it clear that their situation isn’t working right now, and Bree suggests that they go to therapy. Clearly these two still love each other, but it’s going to take a lot more effort to make this work. Especially now that Bree might be up for Chief of Surgery, which might monopolize even more of her time.

Hazel has been on tour, enjoying a much-deserved career resurgence. In the time she’s been away from her friends, she’s found new love in her Jamaican boo Nigel. She calls her girls—sans Ari, who’s in L.A.— for dinner. Despite having beef with Jayla, who vomited in her kitchen sink several years back, she keeps the mood light because her new man has kept her happy. After introducing him to her friends, she drops a huge announcement: They’re engaged! Wait, what?

Are you shocked about what went down in First Wives Club’s Season 2 premiere? Sound off in the comments and grade the episode below.

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