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The Flash Recap: Oh My Godspeed — Plus, How Part 2 of Finale Will Leave Fans 'Thrilled About What's to Come'

Flash Recap 7x17 Bart Coma

This week on The Flash, Barry and Iris’ two grown children, Nora and Bart, arrived in 2021 just in time for Part 1 of the Season 7 finale aka Episode 150. Yet as happy a “reunion” as it was, it also meant more loved ones to land in harm’s way — which is exactly what happened to the future speedster known as Impulse.

A impulsive Bart defied his parents’ wishes and went solo to confront Godspeed inside a church, in a bid to stop “his Thawne,” his own arch enemy, from killing “Uncle Jay” Garrick as he is destined to. Bart, though, was easily bested — levitated to the rafters by Godspeed’s speed-sapping energy beam, before Barry used one of his son’s slick “phasing” moves to derail the sinister speedster. Cisco/Vibe then showed up and released entropy waves to “freeze” the clones who had surrounded Barry, Jay and Nora. Alas, the damage had been done, and Bart last we saw was using every drop of his speed healing to survive a coma at S.T.A.R. Labs.

For Bart to come out the other side of this, “It’s going to take a miracle,” Jordan Fisher told TVLine. “It’s going to take a miracle — he said with a grin! And those are hard to come by. They don’t happen often, these miracles.”

In the aftermath of the skirmish with Godspeed et al, it was decided that Barry needed to get inside the mind of amnesic August Heart, using the neuro hypercollider, and find out what at the future Flash museum sparked his villainous rampage. When Barry arrived in the mind palace (the church from before, now sporting a Godspeed theme), August gloated that they were about to have “so… much… fun!” Though you have to think that his definition of that word differs from Barry’s.

“Yeah, I’d say the definition of ‘fun’ is based on the person that is saying those words. [Godspeed’]s version of fun probably leans heavily away from what yours and mine would be,” Fisher says with a laugh. “Bt at the end of the day, if there isn’t something terrible and huge and life-threatening to all of mankind, it wouldn’t be ‘fun’ unless there are some superheroes and some baddies going at it.”

In next week’s conclusion to the Season 7 finale, Iris — who had been stabilized enough to hang out with Barry and the kids — will fully join the fray, by speedsuiting up alongside her husband and daughter. “Oh yeah, that’s a cool moment,” Fisher effuses. “Talk about seeing all of the people that you love doing what they do best!”

All told, how will Season 7 leave Flash fans, once the dust has settled next Tuesday?

“I don’t know that there’s been a season finale where there hasn’t been a cliffhanger,” Fisher previews. But by the time the Arrowverse series breaks for summer hiatus (returning with Season 8 on Tuesday, Nov. 16), “I can say that everybody’s going to be very, very happy, very satisfied, and thrilled about what’s to come.”

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