AGT Recap: Police Academy Star Michael Winslow Makes Some Noise in Week 7 — Watch the Best Auditions

America’s Got Talent welcomed one of its most familiar (or at least familiar-sounding) acts yet on Tuesday as we rolled into Week 7 of Season 16 auditions.

Mouth noise wizard Michael Winslow — known far and wide for playing Sgt. Larvelle Jones in the Police Academy movies and TV show (yes, there was a show!) — took to the AGT stage this week, telling the judges, “I still have some sounds to make.” Chilling!

Proving that he’s more than just a human sound board, Winslow immediately won the judges over with a comedy set about his childhood that worked in impressive impressions of noises from airplanes, radios and more.

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch Winslow’s audition, then read on for more acts moving forward after Week 7…

* Temple London, a high-flying, high-kicking father/son kung fu duo with impressive moves and a strong sense of tradition. And heads of steel, apparently. Click here to watch.

* Hiplet Ballerinas, a refreshingly diverse group of mold-breaking dancers who aim to inspire those who don’t feel “accepted” by the ballet community. (I award the troupe additional points for using The Pussycat Dolls’ criminally under-appreciated “React” in their performance.) Click here to watch.

* Sarah Potenza, a 41-year-old singer who wowed the judges with “Worthy,” a powerful anthem about the importance of self love — much to the chagrin of her cousin Craig, who has always doubted her. Eat it, Craig! Click here to watch.

* Michael and Angelina, a pint-sized pair of dancing siblings whose older brother appeared on AGT back in 2016… only for Howie Mandel to buzz his dreams into the ground. In fact, their mother even joined them on stage to tell that “rude” Mandel exactly what she thought of him (“He was dancing his heart out!”) and to get an apology. It was a lot. Watch:

* Ehrlich, a dancing illusionist from the Philippines who left the judges equally confused, impressed and hungry for more. Click here to watch.

* Gene and Isabella, a father-daughter dancing duo, and The Owl and the Pussycat, who delivered a “perfect” and “nerve-wracking” audition, were shown briefly during a dance montage.

* Hello Sister, a Florida-based trio of rock ‘n’ roll sisters whose original song about #MiddleSchoolProblems just didn’t do it for the judges. The audience pressured them into letting the girls through to the next round, but no one was happy about it. “Hopefully next time you’re less nervous and it sounds better,” Heidi Klum told them. And she was right to say it. I would never pay to see these girls in Vegas. Click here to watch.

* Kevin Micoud, a full-time mentalist who did a “mind transmission” between Terry Crews and the female judges, getting them all to think of the same previous AGT contestants. He also incorporated some fun holograms into his act, elevating it to some kind of Doctor Strange tomfoolery. Click here to watch.

* Scarlett Business, a hand-balancing contortionist drag performer (an AGT first!), who twisted her way into the judges’ hearts. (Side note: Can we get this queen on the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race? It’s not like the two show doesn’t already have plenty of overlap. Just ask Jan, Rosé, Tammie Brown and Derrick Barry!) Watch:

* The evening ended with Ray Singleton, a singer from Charlotte, N.C. who dedicated his beautiful performance of Andy Grammer’s “I Am Yours” to his wife, a United States Navy veteran and a brain cancer survivor. Click here to watch.

Which of this week’s acts would have gotten your hypothetical Golden Buzzer? Weigh in via our poll below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Week 7.

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