K-Drama You Are My Spring Episode 2 Recap: Death, Romance and Mystery

You Are My Spring, Da Jeong shock

Da Jeong’s love triangle is no more on Netflix’s new Korean drama You Are My Spring.

That’s because Jun, the other guy Da Jeong started developing feelings for, is no more. Equally tragic as his suicide or murder — it’s not really clear if he jumped or was pushed at this juncture — is the fact that he left Da Jeong and Young Do with more questions than answers.

While we still don’t know if Jun was the sociopathic murderer Young Do suspected him of being, it was more heartbreaking to learn that Jun was Da Jeong’s long-lost childhood love.

You remember Jun, right? He’s the little boy from the park who stroked Da Jeong’s hair and made her blush and run away. Crazy, right? So when he left her that music box inside those mysterious lockers, the clue inside was a class picture of them both along with a cryptic message that said he had finally found her.

You Are My Spring, Jun close upIs that what Jun meant when he met Da Jeong for what seemed to be the first time and said she was “the one”? Chills. If dude was looking for Da Jeong all this time, it’s seriously hard to decide if that is romantic, or creepy, or a bit of both. One thing is for certain, the discovery has left Da Jeong’s emotional state in tatters and she doesn’t know if Jun was her soulmate or the stalker that she jokingly called him.

Young Do had his own obsessive relationship with Jun because he posited that the mysterious stranger was a homicidal maniac who had killed a man in the building where his office is located and where Da Jeong lives. He also thought Jun had murdered someone in the past.

He warned Da Jeong not to date Jun for her own safety, of course, but it also seemed (as Da Jeong pointed out) that Young Do wanted Da Jeong all to himself. Perhaps Young Do unintentionally and psychologically shoved an already fragile Jun to hurt himself — if he did in fact take his own life.

You Are My Spring, Young DoOf course, this is a K-drama, so anything is possible. And previews have suggested there may be a bigger and more nefarious puppet master at work. What is slightly more puzzling is that a teaser for future episodes also implies that Jun’s death actually brings Da Jeong and Young Do closer together, and that’s just all kinds of wrong. Sigh.

Whatever the mystery is, no one wants it to mushroom out of control. And if Da Jeong and Young Do do end up together, here’s hoping they have more in common than awkward moments and death.

What did you think of Jun’s death and do you think it’s part of a larger, more complicated mystery? Drop your thoughts in a comment below. 

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