Leverage: Redemption Attaches Advisory to Episode About a Deadly Condo Tower Collapse

Leverage Episode Condo Collapse

IMDb TV‘s Leverage: Redemption is attaching an advisory to one of the eight episodes premiering this Friday, July 9, in the wake of the June 24 condo tower collapse in Surfside, Fla., which thus far has accounted for nearly 50 confirmed deaths.

The episode in question, the fourth of the first batch and titled “The Tower Job,” involves a New Orleans real estate developer (played by Champions‘ Andy Favreau) whose cost-cutting ways years ago resulted in the collapse of a condo tower during the construction phase, which is depicted in a visual FX “pancaking” sequence that evokes footage of the Champlain Towers South collapse in Surfside.

Though four construction workers were killed in the Leverage: Redemption collapse, the developer was never held accountable, and that lands him in a Leverage team member’s crosshairs. Kim Matula (UnREAL) plays the developer’s wife and even less scrupulous business partner.

The on-screen advisory, appended to the Episode synopsis, will read: “Please note: due to recent events, select images in this episode may be unsettling for some viewers.”

The second half of Leverage: Redemption‘s freshman run will premiere sometime in the fall.

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