Good Girls Recap: As the Agents Go Rogue, Beth Scrambles for Leverage

Good Girls Recap

If you were a professional gangbanger hired to take out a mark, why would you leave behind a likely incriminating, sealed envelope made out to a Secret Service agent? It was right there on the table, in the very kitchen that Good Girls‘ tattoo-faced Mick nuked up his saucy bowl of Chef Boyardee! He had to have seen it, he was standing right there!

Why am I carrying on about Mick’s sight issues, lack of attention to detail or just plain sloppiness in his craft? Well, because that very envelope finally made its way to Agent Phoebe Donnegan, and thanks to its contents, she and Dave are back on the case (unofficially of course, seeing as their head honchos put the kibosh on it). So while Beth hustled to kickstart two separate, but related plans in Thursday’s episode, this damning bit of documentation threw yet another wrench into her main goals of avoiding the slammer and trying to stay alive. Read on for all of the Episode 13 highlights.

While reviewing some murder scene evidence, a police officer finds the envelope Potter intended to send to Phoebe. The letter winds up in Phoebe’s possession and the agent is shook. (But hey, what good news for us! Who doesn’t want more Lauren Lapkus in their lives?)

Beth tells Ruby and Annie that she’s considering running for city council. If Rio ever, say, wanted to lock Annie in a freezer again, Beth would at least have some leverage. Turns out, the idea was Nick’s, but she does confirm that hightailing it to Nevada is still very much in her plan. She just wants to make sure they can all get there in one piece.

Since Ruby let it slip that one of their bags was a fake, the parent-text-chain has been popping off. Stan was forced to admit “the mistake,” and refund everyone’s money in the process. “You go out with your girl for one night and you come back with problems that last you forever,” he tells Ruby, calling the whole thing “déjà vu.” He’s understandably pissed because the bag game was supposed to be his side hustle. And once again, he blames Beth.

Meanwhile, Rio finds out about the plan to reopen the club, and even though Beth tells him it’s only a place to print, he wants them to wash there as well. Begrudgingly, the women approach Krystal about rounding up the club’s old dancers, and when they’re told it’ll be an equal partnership between all of the women, the ladies are in.

Phoebe visits Dave to ask him to return to Detroit with her, but even with the new evidence in hand, he doesn’t seem interested. But later, he tracks Phoebe down at her Detroit hotel. He’s ready to get back at it… and Nick’s their main target.

Stan and Dean compile some evidence of their own to share with the pyramid scheme bros, which includes a piece of a ripped counterfeit bill. Dean has cold feet, but with a little push from Stan, he hands it off wondering (and yes, worrying) what will happen to his wife once he’s a free man.

A group of concerned moms attempt to prevent the club from opening, but with the help of some local businesses who are now struggling without the patronage of the club’s clientele, Beth and Co. win their public hearing case. However, their celebration is quickly cut short. “Hey guys. Miss us?” Phoebe and Dave enter the club, making it known to all that they aren’t going away any time soon.

After learning that Ruby’s connected to Beth through the club, Stan pleads with Dean’s head bro to not submit the documents to the DA. They agree to talk it over at the next meeting… and this can’t be good for poor Stanley.

Beth brings a bottle of booze to Nick, and tells him she’s going to run for city council after all. What convinced her, he asks. We flash to a scene where Beth is staring down at all of the photographic evidence Dave and Phoebe shared with her. The entire case file, including photos of the brother/cousins, are sprawled all over her desk. Looks like she’s back on Team Secret Service once again. “You,” she tells Nick.

Will Beth, Phoebe and Dave be able to take down Nick before the series ends, or will Beth be the one finding herself behind bars? Drop your thoughts and theories in the Comments! 

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