Drag Race All Stars' Latest Eliminee Has a Message For Her Voters: 'F--k You All'

Drag Race All Stars Recap

We’re pretty sure that the queen eliminated from Episode 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 was kidding when she cursed out her fellow contestants as she sashayed away — but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t seething.

Let’s start by getting last week’s leftover drama out of the way: Fresh off Silky Nutmeg Ganache’s sad-but-deserved elimination, the remaining queens convened in the Werk Room to reveal whose lipstick they chose — and it was shockingly close. The final tally showed six votes for Silky, barely edging out A’keria C. Davenport’s four. Eureka, Ginger Minj and Ra’Jah O’Hara all admitted to choosing A’keria, which I respected, even if their reasoning was shakier than Trixie Mattel’s RuPaul impression in the Snatch Game.

This week’s maxi challenge required the queens to embody legendary halftime show performers from years past while lip syncing to stylized remixes of RuPaul’s greatest hits. As far as I’m concerned, they pretty much performed in order from worst to best: Ginger gave me absolutely no Fergie whatsoever, even if the unidentified singer nailed that raspy belt on the vocal track; Eureka’s uninspired take on Madonna was the textbook definition of a safe performance; Ra’Jah was very cute as Diana Ross, complete with that signature bouncy hair; and Yara Sofia fully embodied Shakira, even though she couldn’t have looked less excited to be there.

Scarlett Envy’s Katy Perry was dead-on, and I love me a good Left Shark reference; Kylie Sonique Love totally earned her drag king crown as Steven Tyler, nailing the rocker’s iconic mannerisms; Jan gave a scary good performance as Mother Monster herself; A’keria gave us a fun, albeit definitely more padded, take on Prince; Pandora Boxx was hysterical as Carol Channing, the first-ever Super Bowl headliner; and Trinity K. Bonet closed the show with what I considered to be the clear winner, an utterly flawless recreation of Beyonce’s unforgettable halftime show. Seriously, just watch it:

Then came this week’s runway, “The Frill of It All,” which may have factored into RuPaul’s final decision more than I anticipated. Ginger got things started by looking Gone With the Wind Fabulous™, followed by Eureka in frilly cowgirl chaps and Ra’Jah as a whimsical fairy princess. Next came Yara looking like a Final Fantasy boss, Scarlett paying homage to her southern roots, Kylie feeling her oats as a “unicorn princess,” and Jan standing proudly as the sexiest gal in the saloon. Bringing up the rear was Pandora, who looked like a living doll; Trinity, who served My Super Sweet 16 realness; and A’keria, who fully took my breath away as an ever-changing flower.

As heavily forecasted in the editing, Jan Ru-deemed herself with a well-deserved win. I still believe that Trinity gave us the best halftime performance, but I agree with the judges that her runway look was too simple, whereas Jan really stepped up her game. But Yara and A’keria in the bottom two over Ginger and Eureka? Those are some decisions that just don’t sit well with me. I was also bummed by how defeated Yara seemed. While A’keria passionately plead her case to the queens, a visibly over it Yara practically threw in the towel.

In a cruel twist of fate, this week’s lip sync assassin turned out to be Jessica Wild (aka Yara’s BFF), who absolutely wiped the floor with Jan to the tune of Britney Spears’ “Womanizer.” Don’t get me wrong, Jan put in a decent effort, but her little robot character was simply no match for Jessica, who is an absolutely force of nature. Unfortunately, this meant Jessica also had to reveal that her bestie was the group’s choice to sashay away.

“Bye! Thank you so much. Bye!” Yara said as she rushed out of sight. “I have done so much with RuPaul’s Drag Race, but I was not done yet,” she added in a confessional, before leaving the queens with a hearty “F–k you all!” She then said, “I think the queens know that I have everything to go to the top and even win this whole thing, and it’s just an arrow to my heart. F–k you all.”

Do you think Yara was the right queen to go? Do you agree with the judges’ choices this week? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.