Drag Race All Stars Recap: A 'Sickening' Surprise Sends [Spoiler] Sashaying

Drag Race All Stars 6

Given the caliber of queens remaining in the competition, it’s hard to believe that we’re only three episodes into RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6. At this point, every sashay is a doozy.

Speaking of eliminations, Episode 3 began with the time-honored tradition of the remaining queens revealing whose lipstick they just chose. In the case of Jiggly Caliente, everyone apparently voted for her except Trinity K. Bonet, who admitted to picking Yara Sofia. This wasn’t a huge shock, considering Yara previously admitted to choosing Trinity’s lipstick, but I’m not buying her explanation for a second. Trinity said she chose Yara because Jiggly tried to sew something despite not having the ability. And that was… inspiring? I wish Trinity could just admit to being petty and move on.

And move on we shall. This week’s maxi challenge divided the queens into three groups, each of which had to develop and shoot an informercial. For what, you ask? Why, all sorts of nonsense. I know that Eureka went full Exorcist at one point, delivering a performance that will replace Asia O’Hara’s Madam Butterface as the official queen of my nightmares. And I vaguely recall Ginger Minj doing a bit where he looked like Richard Simmons but sounded like Cleveland from Family Guy. Other than that, it’s all pretty much a blur.

On the runway, the queens got a chance to Ru-deem themselves for previous missteps, with each contestant presenting an elevated version of an iconic (or infamous) ensemble from seasons past. Stand-outs included Rah’Jah O’Hara’s upgraded farm-to-table look from Season 11, A’Keria’s stunning second chance at caftan realness and Trinity’s fresh take on her Season 6 promo photo. Check those three out below:

The judges’ love for Trinity’s runway look, coupled with her strong showing in the acting challenge, earned the Georgia peach her first-ever Drag Race win — a victory she didn’t think her fellow queens celebrated enough upon her return to the Werk Room (but that’s a whole other issue). Trinity didn’t particularly blow me away this week, but her win was basically foreshadowed with an “I have something to prove” monologue earlier in the episode, so I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see her finish on top.

What did surprise me was what unfolded backstage. First, Trinity complained that this week’s bottom queens — A’Keria C. Davenport, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Jan and Ginger — immediately began pleading their cases before anyone congratulating her for winning. She then basically told each endangered contestant not to worry, saying things like “You’re good” and “You can ease your mind,” making it seem like everyone was safe. She wasn’t especially reassuring to Ginger, but not even ol’ Minjey appeared to be in danger. I really wasn’t expecting such mind games from Trinity. (I have my own theory that she was always planning on throwing the lip sync so she wouldn’t have to be the one to send someone home, but that’s just me.)

Then came the greatest All Stars 6 moment yet. (Sorry, Miss Piggy!) This week’s lip sync assassin turned out to be none other than Laganja Estranja, whose entrance included dropping onto the runway and falling into a split, followed by the words we’ve waited three episodes to hear: “Come on All Stars 6, let’s get sickening!” I just… I mean… What is there to say that Tia Mowry’s face hasn’t already? Laganja didn’t just win this battle, she won the entire damn season. Even the show’s official Twitter account is failing to wrap its brain around the logistics of this incredible performance:

RuPaul wasn’t exaggerating when she declared that this lip sync “will never be forgotten,” with most of the credit going to Laganja. And because with great power yadda yadda yadda, Laganja was forced to reveal that Silky Nutmeg Ganache had been voted out of the competition.

As revealed in Untucked, Silky probably would have gone home regardless of which queen won the lip sync. While Eureka and Rah’Jah voted for A’Keria, everyone else voted for Silky. Unless I’ve been fooled by tricky editing, it appeared that even Trinity chose Silky — which only makes it more suspicious that Trinity essentially told her she was safe. Are there shenanigans to be called here? Perhaps.

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