Sutton Foster Reflects on Younger's 'Beautiful' Series Finale: 'How Could It Have Ended Any Other Way?'

Younger Series Finale

It’s been more than two weeks since Younger ended its run on Paramount+, and we’re still trying to decide how we feel about that ending. Sutton Foster, on the other hand, made up her mind a long time ago.

“I honestly had no idea how the series was going to end, but when I read the finale, I thought, ‘How could it have ended any other way?'” Foster tells TVLine of Liza’s big promotion. “I thought Darren Star nailed it. And I thought the finale stayed true to what the entire show was about.”

As for that ambiguous final interaction between Liza and Josh, Foster believes it’s “ultimately up to the audience to decide” what it means, though she admits, “When I read it and when we played the scene, there was definitely a promise of potential rekindling.”

She also recalls having to rewatch Liza and Josh’s meeting from the pilot in order to mimic the dialogue for the finale: “We all sat around someone’s iPad and rewatched it together. It was Nico [Tortorella’s] last scene and they were crying and we barely made it through the scene. It was an emotional and beautiful ‘book end.'”

Foster is keeping plenty busy post-Younger, from working on multiple stage productions (the West End’s Anything Goes and Broadway’s upcoming Music Man revival) to helping Banana Boat sunscreen launch the brand’s new Pedal For Our Planet biking challenge.

“Being able to be at home with my family and being able to get outside [helped me during quarantine],” Foster says. “We went on a lot of bike rides, and my daughter Emily would ride behind us in a bike trailer. But this year she got her own bike, and we’ve been taking rides every weekend. That’s why I’m excited to partner with Banana Boat on their Pedal For Our Planet challenge on Strava. For every 10 miles biked, Banana Boat will donate $10 to the Captain Planet Foundation, up to $20K. The challenge encourages families to get outside, wear sunscreen, and do something good for the planet, which is an important message I want to share with my daughter.”

And since we’re talking skincare here, we figured, why not ask Foster which of her characters (on stage or screen) would have been most likely to slather on that Banana Boat.

“I think Liza would value sunscreen the most because she was trying so hard to pass for someone in their 20’s and sunscreen really helps with keeping your skin looking its best,” Foster says. “She would love wearing Banana Boat’s Ultra Sport Clear Sunscreen Spray because it provides a lightweight, safe and effective broad-spectrum protection. I think Fiona (from Shrek the Musical) probably wouldn’t go for the sunscreen as much.”

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