Greenleaf's Lynn Whitfield Shares Vague But Tantalizing Spinoff Intel: 'We Have Had Some Conversations… '

When recently TVLine spoke with Greenleaf powerhouse Lynn Whitfield about her stunning performance of Lady Mae’s series-ending sermon — a tour de force so impactful, it still gives us chills just thinking about it — we couldn’t resist. We had to, had to, had to ask what she knew about creator Craig Wright’s plans to build a spinoff around her beloved character.

“Well, he’s working,” she said. “I’ve not read anything, but I know that he’s been working on it, and you know how brilliant he is.”

That, we do. Which is but one of about a zillion reasons we’re so eager to pick up Lady Mae’s story where it left off. “Craig, with all of his gusto, all of his talent and creativity… I think he’s thinking about it quite a lot. And we have had some conversations,” Whitfield teased. “But, you know, the nature of our relationship is so funny. He’ll say, ‘What would Lady Mae like — red or white or blue?’

“I’ll say, ‘Oh, blue,’ and he’ll say, ‘OK, got it,’” she continued. “And then he goes off and comes back with something brilliant. So we have had a few of those kinds of conversations. We just have to wait to see where we end up.”

Whatever the premise, Whitfield is as curious as fans to see what the future might hold for a newly widowed Lady Mae. “I think it would be fun,” she said, “to see where she lands.”

Understatement of the year? Perhaps. What are you hoping to see happen in the Greenleaf spinoff? Hit the comments with your ideas.

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