Legacies Recap: Hope Goes Rogue Against a Phantom Menace in Star Wars Tribute — Plus, [Spoiler] Returns!

Legacies Recap

Legacies blasted off to a galaxy far, far away on Thursday, where we encountered a host of familiar faces — including one from The Originals that we never expected to see again.

Still tripping after their brief stint in Andi’s cult, our three favorite pandas awoke to find themselves in a Star Wars-inspired reality where Lizzie was “Princess Elizabeth Saltz-star,” Josie was her “android sister and personal valet,” and Hope… well, she didn’t really know what role she was supposed to play on Planet Mystic Falls.

All they knew was that, as with all vision quests, they needed to finish the story in order to wake up. So when a hologram of “Alaric Saltz-star” urged them not to follow him on his quest to find the Star Sword, a weapon capable of destroying the universally feared “Lord Marshall,” they knew they had to do the exact opposite.

Their travels took them to a dive bar — a cantina of sorts, you might say — where they encountered Ethan, aka “Dack Romo” (spelling TBD), a bounty hunter with a chiseled jawline and a clue about their next move. It was also around this time that Lizzie told her companions the truth about their collective trip: that it’s actually based on a story she wrote in her diary during a particularly rough time in her childhood.

That explains why their next stop was Alaric’s not-so-secret hideout, where he explained that the Star Sword can only be wielded by “the chosen one.” Josie discovered that she’s had the sword stored away in one of her many android pockets all along, but that discovery became far less convenient when none of them were able to use it. That’s right, Papa Saltzman betrayed them all!

As newly captured prisoners of the Galactic Dominion, the girls were left with some time to reflect. And things got real. Lizzie explained that she was “going through a lot” when she wrote this story. At the time, she believed that her dad would always choose Hope over her and Josie. Hope used the last name Marshall at the time, hence the Galactic Dominion’s leader “Lord Marshall” being — wait for it — Hope! And if you were surprised by that turn of events, you probably lost your damn mind when none other than Summer Fontana (aka the actress who played child-aged Hope on The Originals!) showed up to rescue the group.

Grown-up Hope explained that she heard about Lizzie’s story back in the day — thanks to a nosy Josie reading Lizzie’s diary and gossiping to the other witches — and wrote a sequel of her own, one in which she’s the hero and the Big Bad is actually The Hollow. (Ugh, remember The Hollow? Nothing but trouble, that one.) But that was then, and this is now, so Hope explained to her younger self that The Hollow is no longer what she fears. In fact, Hope knew exactly who was lurking under that just-different-enough Darth Vader costume. And more importantly, she knew how to defeat them.

Cut to Hope facing off against “Lord Marshall” in a sword fight to the death, revealing Malivore to be the baddie lurking under the mask. (No surprise there.) Not only that, but Hope also announced to the group that she knows how to defeat him in the real world: become the tribrid. (Again, not a huge surprise. But who are we to rain all over Hope’s revelation?)

Upon waking, Hope accepted the fate that she believes has been sealed since the day she was born. But after seeing how terrified Hope was of becoming a tribrid, Lizzie suggested that the vision quest may have been guiding them to a different conclusion. None of them are the same people they were when those stories were written back in the day, and the only reason Hope needed to beat Malivore as a tribrid was because she didn’t have anyone else to fight by her side. She now has Lizzie and Josie, and they both panda-promised that they wouldn’t let Hope face her nemesis alone.

Unfortunately, we barely had a second to appreciate how mature these young women have become before their next challenge revealed itself: Clarke is back. And in true CW form, he’s also shirtless. Bring on the season finale!

Also worth discussing…

* Seriously, how loudly did you squeal when Fontana busted through that prison door? Bringing back the actual Young Hope for this was a stroke of genius.

* Lizzie having a two-week crush on Jed when she was 11 feels very on-brand, and I love how embarrassed she was by that.

* About that Lizzie-Ethan kiss on Planet Mystic Falls… Do we think this means she actually likes him in the real world? (Honestly, I forget that she even met him in the real world.)

* I’m glad that Emma and Alaric were able to clear up their differences while saving Dorian from turning into a full-blown wendigo, but what was up with that lingering touch at the end of their conversation? Is there still a spark there? “You’re a very hard man to quit” has to mean something.

* And speaking of wendigo attacks, I’m glad that MG and Kaleb are good again. Seeing them at odds, even for an episode, was simply too much.

Your thoughts on this week’s ambitious episode of Legacies? Hopes for next week’s (somewhat sudden) finale? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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