Too Hot to Handle Plot-Blocks Another Batch of Overheated, Hook-Up Ready Hard Bodies in Season 2 Trailer

“Yo, we’re on Too Hot to Handle?!?”

That’s right, beefy bro featured in the Season 2 trailer. You auditioned for a dating series set at an exotic resort, knowing full well that Too Hot to Handle exists, and yet somehow the no-sex twist still snuck up on you.

In the trailer above for Season 2 of the Netflix series, a bevy of hard bodies —  whose mission statement perhaps best can be summed up by the one saying, “Usually what I look for in a guy is a one-night hangout” — just starts to warm up to each other when the omniscient, cone-shaped digital assistant LANA informs them of the temperature-tempering rules.

“There is to be no kissing, no heavy petting, and no sex” — as well as no self-gratification of any kind (which I am pretty sure is a euphemism).

“That bitch!” one lovely lass exclaims in response.

In what Netflix dubs “the world’s hottest ‘no dating’ dating show,” the 10 preternaturally attractive players are invited to mix and mingle — but to do anything more will chip away at the $100,000 prize they could ultimately split up.

Season 2 launches Wednesday, June 23 (with the first four episodes), followed by another six on June 30.