Lucifer Blooper Reel Delivers a Messier Version of That Chloe/Maze Kiss

Chloe Decker and the demon Mazikeen have kissed at least twice before (either as part of a ruse or amid misread feelings), but never quite the way they do in the newly released Lucifer blooper reel.

As part of Netflix’s #GeekedWeek event, this Wednesday treated Lucifer fans to not just the gag reel above, but also an afternoon table read by the series’ cast, on the heels of Season 5B’s release — and with an eye on the sixth and final season arriving… some day.

The blooper reel above in fact has a lot of liplocking going on, not just ‘tween “Chlaze” (from early Season 5, seen at the 2:20 mark) but also in unscripted comical moments between other, unexpected pairs of paramours. There are also the requisite gag reel “dance parties,” a smattering of swearing, other flavors of blue humor (such as when Lesley-Ann Brandt apparently workshops other metaphors for Chloe and Luci doing the deed), and some traditional foul-ups, bleeps and blunders that would make the late Dick Clark and Ed McMahon proud.

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