New Amsterdam Video: Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman Tease Finale's 'Sharpwin' Moment, Talk Shower Scene

This Tuesday’s New Amsterdam season finale (NBC, 10/9c) may finally deliver on a long-overdue moment between doctors Max Goodwin and Helen Sharpe.

Following Max’s bed-ridden confession to Helen in the chemical spill episode that she is what matters most to him, the pair has been too preoccupied with his custody battle, her teenage niece and both of their anxieties to broach the topic of their near-kiss.

In last week’s penultimate hour, “they’re kind of afraid to mention it or unsure of where they stand or what to say,” star Ryan Eggold tells TVLine in the above video interview. But that could all change with the Season 3 ender, in which “each character has their own act… and it kind of ends with Max and Helen.”

“I think that it’s time. I think they both feel that they’ve been walking up to that line and that it’s time to look that in the face and confront it, whatever that means,” Eggold adds.

Eggold and his costar Freema Agyeman also reflect on the challenges of shooting the intense decontamination shower scene which led up to Max’s epiphany. What was an incredibly emotional moment for their characters was memorable for a different reason for the actors, who found themselves being pelted with cold water.

“When Ryan and I usually work together, we know when each other does the take that’s going to get [used],” Agyeman describes. “There’s a kind of way that we’ve gotten to work where we feel comfortable enough to be more adventurous. I just feel very free working together.”

“But in that environment, I couldn’t hear [Ryan] properly, I could barely see [Ryan]. You couldn’t even see the cameras. So we had no idea what the frack was going on!” the actress shares with a laugh.

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