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Lucifer's Aimee Garcia on Ella's Special Moment With... Daddy Morningstar: 'It's Such a Simple, Lovely Scene'

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The following contains maybe one spoiler for Lucifer Season 5, Episode 14.

One of Lucifer Season 5’s most touching moments was a small one tucked into the middle of Episode 14, before God bid his sons and Earth adieu.

In the brief yet weighty scene, forensic scientist Ella Lopez (played by Aimee Garcia) is puzzling over a case (as well as questioning some life choices) when God (guest star Dennis Haysbert) happens by her lab at the LAPD.

Ella was established early on to be a person of faith (wavering though it has been over the years), so there is a certain, say, ironic beauty to the fact that she enjoys this one-on-one consult with the man upstairs, though she only knows him to be the father of LAPD consultant Lucifer Morningstar.

“I can tell you’re struggling with something. Is there anything I can do to help?” her uniquely attuned visitor asked. Ella sighed, “Not unless you can smite the darkness out of me.”

“It’s not about getting rid of it, it’s about accepting it,” Daddy Morningstar explained. Ella, though, insisted, “Mine’s different, deeper…. It attracts me to bad people.” In fact, she went so far as to posit, “I think maybe I’m a bad person.”

Lucifer god EllaBut God by any name knows quite differently. “My child…. The darker the darkness, the brighter the light,” he attested, cradling her beaming face with his hand. “You, Miss Lopez, shine so very, very brightly. I can see it all the way from Heaven.” (Metaphorically speaking, Lucifer’s mortal dad surely meant.)

The magnitude of the exchange, even with Ella oblivious, is not lost on Aimee Garcia.

“Ella had a crisis of faith a couple seasons back, so to meet her ‘rock,’ to meet her North Star — but not know that it’s him, and yet she’s still in awe — was so cool,” Garcia shared with TVLine. “It was fun to see Ella not understand that he’s God, and yet she definitely sees a light” in him, just as she did with Charlotte during Goddess’ time in Los Angeles. In that regard, “Ella has a bit of a spidey sense!” her portrayer notes.

Penned by Lucifer vet Chris Rafferty, “It’s such a simple scene, and that’s what I love about the writers,” Garcia continues. “[Co-showrunners] Joe and Ildy and the writers give Ella these small scenes, but they’re just so lovely.”

It also doesn’t hurt to have a downright heavenly scene partner.

“Dennis Haysbert is physically very imposing, his voice has such a baritone deepness to it, and he has such gravitas, and I’m like this little bee skipping into the scene…,” Garcia observes with a chuckle. “Our essences are also very different, and it was fun to see that juxtaposition.

“I mean, Dennis is wonderful and lovely, and such an A-class actor,” she adds. “It’s not very hard to look into his eyes and be in that place with him, and have your eyes start glistening. He made it so easy.”

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