Bold Type Boss Previews 'Bittersweet' Shortened Final Season — Plus, Watch an Intoxicated Sutton Fail at Trust Falls

The Bold Type Spoilers

The Bold Type is hoping good things really do come in small packages as the Freeform drama kicks off its abbreviated fifth and final season this Wednesday at 10/9c.

Considering it was a long six-month wait before the fashion magazine series got a six-episode renewal this past January, the announcement “was bittersweet, because we were so excited and grateful to be picked up, and then it felt like, ‘Oh no, we only have six episodes to tell these stories,'” showrunner Wendy Straker Hauser tells TVLine. “But at the end of the day, we are so grateful that we had the opportunity and that we were able to [wrap up the show] in a beautiful way that we’re really proud of.”

When the series returns, viewers will see Jane, Kat and Sutton’s swan song, as well as the tail end of Season 4, the final two episodes of which were in production when the COVID pandemic hit.  “Our first two of the [final] six [episodes], half of it was shot last year,” with filming later completed when production was able to resume, Hauser explains. As such, this week’s premiere picks right up after the Season 4 ender, with the gal pals “waking up hung over and trying to piece their night together a little bit.”

And when they come to their senses, the trio will find that their romantic problems have not disappeared. “Kat is wrestling with her experience with Eva and how she feels and what she wants to do after giving in to something that felt sort of like forbidden fruit and exciting, but also confusing,” Hauser previews.

Still reeling from her husband’s departure, “Sutton has to deal with the fact that she was brokenhearted over Richard and she did something that she deeply regrets by going back to her high school boyfriend,” Hauser shares. And judging by the exclusive sneak peek below, the stylist is not done burying her sorrows in booze, and this time, she’s doing it on the job!

Meanwhile, Jane is struggling with her attraction to her employee Scott and “whether or not she should pursue a relationship with somebody she works with when she has an opportunity, it feels like, to be the future of Scarlet, which is what Jacqueline had told her, and it’s something that she always had wanted,” Hauser says.

“So they all are carrying this huge weight, for lack of a better word, and that’s what they begin to wrestle with and grapple with in our first episode as they come clean to each other about those things,” Hauser continues. “And then they make their grown-up decisions, which is what women do in their late twenties. Sometimes, they take steps forward, and sometimes, they take huge steps back and make big mistakes or things that they regret or things that they question. It’s a little bit of course correction in the beginning of the season. And of course, our girls will have each other’s backs.”

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