New Amsterdam EP Teases Cliffhanger-Filled Finale: 'It Looks and Sounds Like Nothing We've Ever Done Before'

New Amsterdam Season 3 Finale Spoilers

See that look of concern on Max’s face in the above New Amsterdam photo? Viewers might very well share that same expression following the NBC drama’s upcoming Season 3 finale.

Showrunner David Schulner tells TVLine that the June 8 installment (airing at 10/9c) is “a completely different New Amsterdam episode. It looks and sounds like nothing we’ve ever done before. And it takes place a little bit in the future.”

In addition to featuring “a bit of a time jump,” some parts of the season ender are “not even at New Amsterdam,” Schulner teases.

The hour will also include a time-honored tradition of season finales: the dreaded cliffhanger. “Season 1, we did the ambulance crash. Season 2 was cut short because of COVID, so we had no cliffhanger at all… So Season 3, we’re going for it. We’re not pulling any punches here. I would say there are five cliffhangers this year,” Schulner previews.

At least fans can rest easy knowing that the series has already been renewed for Seasons 4 and 5, with the fourth run slated for this fall. In the meantime, Season 3’s penultimate episode airs next Tuesday, June 1 and finds Sharpe offering to “help to a reluctant Mina,” while “Max is faced with a tough decision about Luna,” according to the official description. Elsewhere, “Bloom and Casey treat a patient who has been hiding a lifelong secret. Iggy finds himself in a very dangerous predicament. Reynolds treats a young heart transplant patient with astonishing symptoms.”

New Amsterdam fans, what do you make of Schulner’s cryptic teasers? Hit the comments with your theories and hopes for the season ender!