Superman & Lois EP Reveals Supergirl Easter Egg You Didn't See This Season

Supergirl On Superman And Lois

Kara may not have visited the Kent Farm in Superman & Lois‘ first season, but the Girl of Steel remains very much in the couple’s orbit, even if it doesn’t seem like she’s still in the picture.

Speaking of pictures, the show’s second episode was originally supposed to include a photographic nod to Clark’s high-flying cousin. But as showrunner Todd Helbing laments, that moment ended up on the cutting room floor.

“It got cut out for time, but when Lois quits [The Daily Planet] and she’s walking down the hall towards the elevator and she grabs some things from her desk, one of the things she’s holding is a picture with her, Kara and Clark,” Helbing says, insisting there was no “intentional reason” for cutting it out. “There’s been this weird set of circumstances where, because of production or timing or COVID, everything in the show that was related to the Arrowverse has gotten pulled out. It’s just another one of those things.”

Helbing is referring to the fact that The CW didn’t get to deliver a traditional crossover event between the various Arrowverse shows, adding that the team had “all intentions of doing a Batwoman crossover.”

“[The pandemic] just halted everything,” he says. “And the further away we got from the Crisis of it all, the more it felt like we were opening a can of worms every time we had to explain the connection. We’ll see how this all pans out for next season. We don’t know what’s going to change [in Vancouver] or not. We’re going to figure out what makes sense for our shows and for the others. We’ll see what we can do and what we can’t do, and then we’ll make our decisions based on that.”

New episodes of Superman & Lois resume tonight at 9/8c on The CW, while Supergirl‘s sixth and final season returns on Aug. 24.