Breeders Season 2 Finale Recap: Did Paul Fix His Broken Home? Grade It!

Breeders Season 2 Finale Recap

Sometimes, there’s just no coming back from punching your dad square in the face.

In the first part of Breeders‘ Season 2 finale, Paul and Luke’s rising tensions reached an explosive climax after Paul learned that Luke had attempted to buy weed. The young teen continued to push buttons by ignoring his dad’s punishment, which caused Paul to unleash his raging fury in front of the entire family. In the middle of an argument, Luke said he blamed Paul’s temper for much of his season-long battle with anxiety and depression. Then, in the heat of the moment, the boy’s fist went flying, and he ran away.

When Part 2 kicks off, it’s Leah and Alex’s wedding day, and Luke has been staying with his granny while the situation at home cools. We flash back to the night of the argument, and Ally tells Paul that he was far too hard on Luke. She admits to feeling like she has to protect her son from him, like a mama bear. “Luke is vulnerable, but you’re the same as you always were. It doesn’t work now that Luke is who he has become. It just can’t work like that,” Ally pleads. It’s a tough pill for Paul to swallow, but he seems to understand the severity of the situation.

Ally confesses to Leah that she fears something may be broken in their family. Though Paul feels like they can absolutely force Luke to come home, he doesn’t take it lightly that his own son doesn’t want to live with him. Ally suggests that Paul have a heart-to-heart with Luke at the wedding, and he promises to try and make good.

Back to the present, the father and son slip away from the nuptials for a long-overdue chat. Paul asks Luke what his plans are while his grandmother’s away on her honeymoon. The boy says he doesn’t think he can be happy at home, and that Alex is “like a dad” to him. “I can’t be in the same house with you. I can’t take the rage anymore. It makes me anxious and miserable,” he says. Their conversation is unfortunately cut short before they can reach a resolution.

Later, Ally asks Paul if they talked, but the only conclusion he’s reached is that he should move out for a bit so their son can come back home. It’s what’s best for Luke, he tells a teary Ally. Paul says he’ll live with his mom and dad until things are properly sorted.

While couch-surfing at Jim and Jackie’s, it truly sinks in for Paul how screwed up their situation has gotten. The season ends with the family still in a broken state.

Will Paul ever resolve his anger issues? Grade the finale and season below, then drop some Comments!

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