Why Women Kill Trailer: Lana Parrilla Is a Wicked Witch to Allison Tolman

She might not go by the Evil Queen, but Lana Parrilla is certainly snarky suburban royalty in the newly released trailer for Why Women Kill‘s second season.

Premiering Thursday, June 3, Why Women Kill‘s sophomore run is set in 1949, exploring what it means to be beautiful, the effects of being ignored by society and the lengths one woman will go to in order to finally belong.

In the trailer above, Parrilla’s Rita is a member of the local Garden Club, whose upper-class members seem to delight in insulting Allison Tolman’s Alma. “Oh, honey,” Alma’s neighbor Mrs. Yost says when she asks how to become part of the club. “They don’t let frumps into the Garden Club.” (Should not have said that, Mrs. Yost.)

Alma’s desire to be accepted by these glamorous women drives her to do drastic things — and she might just earn their respect along the way. “I admire women who try to remake themselves,” Rita tells Alma. “When women like us do it well enough, no one can imagine we were ever anyone else.”

Season 2 of Why Women Kill spans 10 episodes, with new installments dropping each Thursday. Check out the full trailer above, then give us your reactions in the comments!

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