American Idol Video: See Arthur Gunn and Hunter Metts Say Goodbye — Which of the Top 5 Gets Your Vote?

With only one two weeks left in the competition, the cuts on American Idol are getting brutal. Case in point: Sunday’s Mother’s Day episode, which stunned viewers by ending with the eliminations of Arthur Gunn and Hunter Metts.

Naturally, neither contestant was given a proper sendoff during the actual broadcast, but at least Idol is giving fans a chance to (sort of) say goodbye via YouTube.

“Thank you for watching and supporting, first of all,” says Gunn, who was voted into this season’s Top 10 after placing second last season. “This is my last night here this season, so I wanted to thank you all for supporting as you always do. Take care and peace.”

Next up is Metts, who says, “Thank you again so, so much truly for joining me through this journey. It’s been a blast, and I have nothing but positive things to say, so I hope you keep following what I’m up to. I’m really excited to show you what’s next.”

With Metts and Gunn out of the game, we’re left with Chayce Beckham, Casey Bishop, Caleb Kennedy, Grace Kinstler and Willie Spence as the Top 5 of Season 19.

UPDATE: After a racist video surfaced online on Wednesday, Kennedy announced that he is no longer part of the competition.

How do you feel about Gunn and Metts’ eliminations? Hit PLAY on the video above to watch their farewell messages, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the remaining two episodes of Season 19 below.

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