Grey's Anatomy's Sandra Oh Dashes Fans' Hopes That She Will Ever Return as Cristina Yang: 'I Have Moved On'

Grey’s Anatomy fans holding out hope for Sandra Oh to join the ranks of former cast members who have returned for a guest appearance can… well, stop.

Though Cristina has checked in from abroad on the condition of her ailing “person,” Meredith — and last season sent her McWidow as a care package — Dr. Yang will not appear again on the long-running ABC drama, her portrayer tells the Los Angeles TimesAsian Enough podcast. “I love it, though, and this is also why I really appreciate the show — that I still get asked” about coming back.

Nonetheless, the Killing Eve star, who played Cristina for the first 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, has no interest in scrubbing in, even for a cameo. “I left that show, my God, seven years ago almost. So in my mind, it’s gone.

“But for a lot of people, it’s still very much alive,” she adds. “And while I understand and love it, I have moved on.”

Despite that, Oh has no trouble imagining what Cristina would be up to today. During the COVID crisis, the award-winning surgeon would be “wickedly at the front line trying to solve the big problems,” she suggests. “This pandemic [has made] the wealth gaps… even more obvious and problematic, so probably [she’d be] attacking the systemic problems, not just the day in and day out.”

What do you think, Grey’s fans? Bummed that Cristina won’t be reuniting with Meredith when it returns for Season 18 — or even phoning in? Hit the comments with your reactions.

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