Mythic Quest Season 2 Premiere Recap: Sex Dreams, Love Connections and Poppy the Boss — Grade It!

Mthic Quest, Poppy and Ian

Mythic Quest fans knew the moment Poppy and Ian both became creative directors, there’d be drama. And that’s saying a lot when one considers all the histrionics that swirl around the irreverent characters on Apple TV+’s workplace comedy.

When Season 2 debuted Friday with not one, but two new episodes, Poppy and Ian struggled to come up with the next big Mythic Quest game. Ian ran off to a retreat to find his inspiration, and Poppy got laid, per Ian’s advice. Or so it seemed.

Turns out, Poppy didn’t really have sex. She had a sex dream… about Ian. Worst still, he wasn’t satisfied with her performance. Oh boy! Does that mean that Poppy is attracted to Ian? They’re super close and spend more time with each other than anyone else. Plus, there was that moment during quarantine that Ian came to shake Poppy out of her pandemic-fueled isolation funk with a much needed hug. Seriously, could that act have been any more endearing?

Poppy may be attracted to Ian, but apparently sex dreams are about power. Or at least that’s what Dana told Poppy because she had a sex dream about Ian, too! Of course, hearing that her crush was dreaming about Ian, a dude who is also their boss, made Rachel super jealous. Instead of talking to Dana about it, Rachel shut down, then ran to Carol in HR to try and figure how to talk to Dana about it. Oh, Rachel.

Mythic Quest Poppy and Ian fist bumpRachel’s choice of course annoyed Carol, who told Rachel to go and talk to Dana. But did Rachel listen? Nope. Instead, she sent a calendar invite to Dana for a scheduled talk and then looked up ways to figure out how to address Dana’s sexuality. In turn, Dana ran to Carol, as well, who  told her that it’s not illegal to date a coworker — but it is illegal to talk about sex dreams at work with Poppy. Ultimately, Dana met up with Rachel in the parking structure and kissed Rachel to stop her from talking and overthinking everything. It was beyond sweet.

Sweet, however, is not how one would describe Poppy’s next two troubling sex dreams about Ian. One had Ian drinking milk and complaining about Poppy’s sexual performance again, with CW in attendance. Ew! And the other sex dream had Ian and David hooking up much to the delight of CW and the disgust of Poppy.

The next day, when Poppy told David about the dream, she said that Ian whispered the name of the new game in David’s ear, pre-coitus. That’s when David revealed that he, too, has had sex dreams about Ian, and Poppy reminded David that he’s in fact Ian’s boss. Oh, David. Episode 1 ended with Ian having a steamy sex dream, as well, and his preferred partner was himself. Hmm… Maybe everyone at Mythic Quest really does dream about getting busy with Ian — and that includes Ian.

Mythic Quest Dana and Rachel elevator Episode 2, meanwhile, focused on Dana and Rachel as a happy couple — at least initially. Their newfound bliss was cut short when Brad asked the pair to come up with a profitable mobile game for the company, with Jo acting as executive producer. The endeavor started out rough, but they finally came up with a Grouchy Goat game inspired by Dana. Rachel, however, managed to overcomplicate the game with unnecessary social justice undertones. Brad was displeased and killed the game. Dana, meanwhile, realized she was onto something. Her ambitions are once again bigger than game testing. (Hopefully, Rachel will also dream bigger if they stay together.)

Speaking of ambitious, Poppy wanted her own design team. Ian told her that she first needed to learn how to become a more inspirational speaker, and David afforded her the opportunity to do just that, as the keynote speaker at a lunch for women in gaming. The opportunity scared Poppy, who, despite being slightly tongue-tied and flatulent, managed to stumble her way through an honest and heartfelt speech that won over the crowd.

As we’d soon learn, stumbling her way through her speech wasn’t an accident. Ian and David realized that Poppy is a master manipulator. She “inspired” both of them to do exactly what she wanted in the end. (All hail, Boss Poppy! Huzzah!)

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