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Charmed Actress Breaks Down the Powerful Parallel Between Josefina's Magic and Her Transgender Identity

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Charmed relocated to Friday this week, but that move turned out to be the least eventful development for The CW’s magical trio. Actually, make that quartet.

The episode, aptly titled “Witchful Thinking,” appeared to give the Vera-Vaughn sisters everything they’ve been wanting: Maggie’s psychology internship, Mel’s full-time position at the college, a real chance for Macy and Harry’s relationship and, of course, an end to this “allergy” business. Unfortunately, they soon discovered that these universal blessings came at a cost to those around them, ultimately forcing them to reverse the effects.

It was also a validating week for Josefina, whose powers finally manifested, seemingly giving the Charmed Ones’ cousin dominion over nature.

“I was quite surprised, and I thought it was the coolest thing that they’d give her these nature powers,” actress Mareya Salazar tells TVLine. “When it comes to trans people, the argument has been that we’re going against nature, the nature of who we are. But for Josefina, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Being who we are is so much closer to nature than being the gender we were assigned at birth. We’re so much closer to ourselves, so it’s a cool little parallel. That’s what I believe.”

And Josefina has been unapologetically herself from the moment she arrived at — OK, fine, broke into — the manor, which is one of the many traits Salazar has enjoyed about playing the character.

“She’s quite outspoken, and she’s been clear about her mission right from the get-go,” the actress says. “She’s after the Book of Shadows, and she’s proud to be trans, which she throws out there right in the beginning. It’s just a fact of life for her.” Salazar has also enjoyed providing more of a connection to the new Charmed Ones’ Latinx roots and all the brujeria that comes along with it.

Though the episode ended with Josefina announcing that she’s going back to school in Puerto Rico, Salazar says it’s entirely “possible” that we haven’t seen the last of her character: “Her storyline is left open ended. You just never know what’s in store for Josefina.”

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