Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Video: Alex Isn't Fond of Bombay's Dangerous New Practice Space — Watch

Forget the cocoa bar, the wifi and regulated ice surface… Gordon Bombay is taking it back to basics!

In an exclusive sneak peek at Friday’s episode of Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, which you can watch above, the Don’t Bothers’ new assistant coach brings the team to nature’s Ice Palace, aka a frozen pond. Alex, of course, is hung up on a worst-case scenario and immediately pushes back on Bombay’s plan.

“We’ve all seen the movie where the kids skate out into the frozen pond, and then there’s a crack and splash, and then they’re all dead,” she tells him in the video.

But who knows this ice better than Bombay, who learned to skate here? The Ducks’ former coach is only able to change Alex’s mind by relaying that important piece of information, as well as insisting that this is their best chance to save the team from completely falling apart.

As you’ll recall, Evan took a practice with the Ducks, but turned down an offer to rejoin them at the Spirit of the Ducks gala. When the squad found out he’d gone behind their backs — Sofi found the video on her social feeds — they abandoned him on the ice.

This week’s episode will delve into the Don’t Bothers’ interpersonal dynamics as they try to get past Evan’s betrayal. Whether this amusing time on the pond squashes any lingering beef remains to be seen.

Press PLAY above to get an exclusive first look at Friday’s episode, and hit the comments to share your thoughts on the season so far.