The Flash Video: Danielle Panabaker Previews Frost's Trial and Caitlin's 'Irrational' Effort to Save Her Sister

This Tuesday on The Flash (The CW, 8/7c), the trial of “Killer” Frost gets underway, now that Kristin Kramer from the Governor’s Municipal Logistics Commission has cuffed up the once-malevolent meta.

Who will step up to vouch for Frost? And could it be that any number of character witnesses not be enough to secure a “happy ending” for the reformed meta?

In the video Q&A above, original cast member Danielle Panabaker previews Frost’s court trial, saying, “I’m really glad that they’re tell this storyline [since] it’s important that Frost is held accountable for the things she did” before turning a new leaf.

Panabaker says that Caitlin, for one, “is incredibly invested” in trying to save her ersatz sister’s bacon —  perhaps to an “irrational” degree, leading to a “nice” role reversal for the two. But despite such valiant efforts, “I don’t know that this story will have the happy ending that people would like…,” the actress warns.

Also in the video above, Panabaker weighs in on the recent introduction of Chillblaine (played by Jon Cor) and in turn Frost’s first intense feelings about a fella. She then has some fun comparing Frost’s fashion sense with Caitlin’s own, before teasing what’s next for the Forces storyline (is “Nora” being conspicuously clingy?) and her third turn as director, of a big episode for [Spoiler].

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