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Legends of Tomorrow EP on 'Avalance' Surprise and Why Sara Was Abducted

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s Legends of Tomorrow. Proceed at your own risk!

Congratulations are in order for Legends of Tomorrow‘s Sara and Ava, who got engaged in Sunday’s Season 6 premiere — albeit in a rather roundabout way.

After Sara was abducted by aliens, Ava learned — via a video recorded by David Bowie (yes, that one) — that her girlfriend planned to pop the question the night she disappeared. In order to accept the proposal, Ava first needed to track down Sara, so the Waverider crew recruited the help of a woman named Spooner (new series regular Lisseth Chavez), who was kidnapped by ETs as a child and claims to be able to communicate with them. Thanks to Spooner’s powers and Constantine’s sorcery, Ava was able to project herself and tell Sara that she will marry her, so she better fight to survive. That was the motivation Sara needed to break free of her chamber and take over the alien spaceship with Gary’s help. (Oh yeah, Gary’s an alien, BTW. Surprise!) But alas, Sara and Gary weren’t able to make it through the wormhole to safety in time.

So although “Avalance” is now engaged, the couple is in truly the most long distance of relationships, and finding a way back to each other across space will be a struggle. “It’s not an easy and simple resolution, which I know is going to come as a disappointment to a lot of people,” co-showrunner Phil Klemmer tells TVLine. “Sara and Ava were never expecting to have to do this, but they’re both strong, and they’ve never questioned the foundation of their relationship. So we had to come up with an external pressure, and there’s nothing more pressured than being kidnapped and taken to an alien planet by a psychopathic super genius who had his eyes on Sara as his ultimate prize.”

Legends of Tomorrow RecapWhile Sara is “trying to survive” her new predicament, “Ava’s going to be on a story where she’s trying to recover from Sara’s loss and manage all of this grief and abandonment that’s going to bubble up from the rest of the team in pretty volatile ways,” Klemmer previews.

The pair’s separation is also “not just a little three-episode arc,” Klemmer warns. That said, Sara and Ava’s relationship is still palpable during those distanced episodes. “I feel like even if they’re not together, they exist in one another’s hearts,” Klemmer adds. “I feel like Ava’s story and Sara’s story, even though separate, they really speak to each other in a really romantic way. I feel like being apart from somebody is more romantic than being with them. We all love pining. It’s way sexier!”

As for what Sara’s captor wants with her — Gary was sent to kidnap Captain Lance, but ultimately fell in love with Earthlings — Klemmer says the blonde has several qualities that make her worthy of “the quintessential human” title. “She is a survivor and died countless times, and been turned into a paragon and a quasi-deity, and survived the League of Assassins,” Klemmer notes. “She has this indomitable spirit, and she has walked away from so much tragedy with the ability left in her to love, to believe that life’s OK. I think she was taken for that reason, because space is a big, empty, hostile, deadly place where it’s presumed that only Sara Lance’s spirit could survive.”

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