Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Yet Another One Bites the Dust


Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Sunday’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, you might want to before reading any further; it’s kinda a biggie.

That’s all she wrote for Fear the Walking Dead’s villainous Virginia. In Sunday’s episode, Morgan turned almost all of her Rangers against her by revealing that Dakota had murdered Cameron, and her sister had framed Janice for the crime. In the ensuing shootout, Hill sped away with Daniel and Grace in tow, while Morgan took off with, of all people, Virginia. Though she’d been shot, her primary objective was to speak with Dakota.

What on earth could be so important? She was the teen’s mother, not her sister, Ginny revealed.

After keeping Sherry from putting an end to Virginia, Morgan took her to his as-yet-unnamed compound. “WTH?” asked Alicia and pretty much everyone there. Soon, Strand arrived with a dozen of Virginia’s his Rangers, and Sherry and her crew rolled up in the SWAT van.

Cornered, Virginia struck a bargain with Morgan: She’d have Hill free Daniel and Grace, and give up her life, if (a) Dakota could get a fresh start there, and (b) Morgan killed her himself so that her haters couldn’t twist the knife. Of course, when push came to shove, he couldn’t bring himself to behead Ginny with Emile’s axe.

Instead, Morgan forced Virginia to have a long-overdue conversation with Dakota. “You killed our parents,” cried the girl. “They weren’t your parents… and I’m not your sister,” Ginny replied. “I’m your mother.”

Eventually, Morgan seemed to more or less talk everybody into stopping the killing starting with Virginia. Everybody except Strand, that is. Now he wanted Alicia to join the army Virginia had charged him with leading. That fast, you change your tune? she asked. “I’ll give you a reason to come and join me,” he promised as he rode off.

After Morgan reunited with Grace, and Sherry hit the bricks with her new crew instead of stay with Dwight, Morgan informed Virginia that she and Dakota wouldn’t be welcome there — but provided an escape route. Immediately afterwards, June was left alone with Ginny. Having had a daughter herself, June understood the urge to protect one’s child. Mind you, her Rose had never murdered someone in cold blood the way that Dakota did. So June avenged John by putting a bullet in Virginia’s skull, placing John’s hat on her own head and stalking away from the compound.

Did not know she had it in her, did you? Hit the comments with your reaction to the episode.

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