Legacies Recap: A Full Moon Illuminates the Truth About [Spoiler]

Legacies Recap

After everything she’s been through, you would think that Hope Mikaelson would know better than to say something like “today is going to be a good day” out loud. In Mystic Falls, that’s basically asking for trouble.

The uncharacteristically chipper tribrid invited Cleo out to a picnic in the woods on Thursday’s Legacies under the guise of roommate bonding, but Hope’s true motives were revealed before either of them could so much as reach for the cheese knife. Suspecting that Malivore was actually targeting her roomie, Hope proposed using Cleo as bait to catch whatever walking nightmare might stumble their way next. Enter… the banshee!

Unfortunately, the Super Squad soon learned that convincing a banshee to talk is a lot harder than getting it to scream. It took Jed volunteering to serve as the banshee’s vocal conduit, plus a healthy dose of truth weed, in order to learn that Malivore promised the banshee her freedom in exchange for Cleo. The banshee even threw in a bonus prediction for Hope, revealing that Cleo’s presence at the Salvatore School will ensure Landon’s imminent death. (Damn. When this lady talks, she talks.)

Hope promised Cleo that she would find a way to keep her safe from the banshee, but after being unknowingly drugged with truth tea, she kinda-sorta admitted that she’d feel better if Cleo left… so she did. But when the banshee revealed that her true mission was to lure Cleo away from Hope’s protection, and that both Landon and Cleo were now doomed to die, Hope pivoted from Plan A to Plan… oh, who am I kidding? She had no other plan.

She did, however, have bad-ass witch powers and an unflappable desire to protect her friends, both of which go a long way in these situations. After tracking Cleo down in the woods, Hope made quick work of her captor — that skull-masked dude, whom she said felt “familiar,” as if she’d fought him before — and patched things up with her roommate. Hope acknowledged that she’s lucky to have Cleo as a friend, even if she does bring danger.

Speaking of danger, by helping the banshee’s grief-stricken vessel find closure, Alaric learned the real reason that Malivore is after Cleo: she’s a muse, and he needs all the inspiration he can get to escape his prison world.

Anyway, all was well that ended well — which makes sense, given the name of this episode — as Landon treated Hope to a thanks-for-saving-the-day-again picnic. I’m pretty sure at least some of it was repurposed from Hope’s failed picnic with Cleo, but as I mentioned earlier, they didn’t touch a damn crumb of that thing. It was still good.

Meanwhile at Mystic Falls High…

* Upon discovering that Josie told Alaric about Finch before telling her own twin, Lizzie did what any sensible sister would do. Just kidding! She ambushed Josie in the middle of the hallway and fully inserted herself into her love life, pulling from her encyclopedic knowledge of rom-coms. It was cute at first, with Lizzie making Josie drop her books to trigger a classic meet cute, but things quickly spiraled out of control. Like when Lizzie convinced Josie to tell Finch how she feels, causing her to spill her guts with a fast-spoken, long-winded speech… only to get publicly rejected. (I know, I figured this one would be a slam dunk, too.)

* And then there was MG and Ethan, who formed their own Super Squad by using Sheriff Mac’s old police scanner to stake out Mystic Falls’ criminal underworld. To their credit, they managed to prevent an armed robbery, compelling the would-be burglars to turn themselves into the authorities and devote their lives to community service — though MG drew the line at wearing a stupid costume and going by the “terrible” alias Blursome. (Does anyone else feel like Ethan became a completely different, much more playful character overnight? It’s like the show finally knows what it wants to do with him, and I’m not mad about it one bit.)

* These two stories overlapped under the light of a full moon… and we all know what those mean in this universe. A tripped alarm at the high school sent MG and Ethan into vigilante mode, where they encountered Lizzie, who was spying on Finch at Josie’s behest. The twist? Finch broke into the school so she could safely turn into a werewolf (!!!) without hurting anyone. And speaking of people getting hurt, does anyone think it was a good idea for Lizzie to keep that hairy secret from Josie? This will not end well.

OK, let’s talk: Were you surprised by Cleo and/or Finch’s big secrets? Are you enjoying Ethan 2.0 as much as I am? And who’s the “familiar” haircutter hiding under that skull mask? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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