Did Shameless Just Say Goodbye to [Spoiler] in Penultimate Episode?

Shameless Recap

Shameless‘ series finale doesn’t air for another week, but one member of the Gallagher family may already be on their way out.

In Sunday’s episode, Liam takes pity on Frank, who’s lost control of his bodily functions, and does a day of “Frank things” with him, like pretending to be blind beggars. Frank’s spirits are temporarily lifted after scoring $100 and a screw with a prostitute. But when the pair make their way to the Alibi, Frank’s body rejects his beloved alcohol, leaving him to wonder who he is without booze. Oh, and Debbie starts beating up Frank because he ruined love for her.

“The only way you’ll ever have love is to find someone who’s an even bigger loser than you are! Then they won’t leave you!” Frank exclaims from the floor.

Frank and Liam return home, where Frank finds Lip standing in the tattered kitchen, his face a picture of hopelessness after missing out on a chance to sell the house. Looking around at the mess, Frank says, “I know what you’re doing! You’re looking for that brick of gold we hid when you were 12-years-old, aren’t you?” He reminds Lip that they buried it in the backyard, bringing a small, temporary smile to Lip’s face during an unexpectedly tender father-son moment.

Shameless Recap

But with his dementia continuing to get worse, Frank goes to extremes: He shoots up (“Ah, that’s so much better,” he says softly) and places a letter addressed to “Gallagher family” on the mantle. The message then falls to the floor as Frank shoots up again and collapses on the couch, his eyes drifting closed. Is that the end of the Gallagher clan’s troubled patriarch? Only time (and next Sunday’s series finale) will tell.

Some other highlights from the episode: Carl discovers his former hookup Tish is pregnant, and she doesn’t answer when he asks if it’s his baby; Debbie begins to fall for a dangerous female convict; Mickey has a tough time adapting to life on the West side but comes to a compromise with Ian; and Kev and V put the bar up for sale.

Shameless fans, hit the comments with your thoughts on Frank’s fate.

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