MacGyver Catches Riley Off Guard With a Revelation — Watch Sneak Peek

MacGyver 5x11 Riley Video

Fans of CBS’ MacGyver, for two weeks longer than they anticipated, have been wondering what came of the most recent episode’s closing scene, in which Mac showed up on Riley’s doorstep to ask a weighty question.

“I’ve got to ask: Did it work?”

“Did what work?” asked Riley.

“Hiding your emotions and letting them pass. Did they go away?”

Mac (played by Lucas Till) of course was referring to that episode’s revelation, fiendishly orchested by Murdoc, that Riley (Tristin Mays) had developed feelings for Mac — but because of the Desi sitch and what not, stuffed them down deep inside so they’d (hopefully) dissipate and not complicate all kinds of relationships.

This Friday’s postponed episode, titled “C8H7CIO + Nano-Trackers + Resistance + Maldives + Mind Games” and airing at 8/7c, presumably will let us know how that doorstep confrontation netted out. The scene that TVLine has to share with you, meanwhile, finds Mac and Riley far away from home, having traveled overseas together to prevent a governmental collapse.

Walking amidst protesters, what conversation arises for the close colleagues? And what does that topic reveal about Mac’s activities in Atlanta last summer, at the height of the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests?

And what truth does that disclosure reveal, clearly moving Riley? Press play below to watch the scene unfold.

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