Chicago P.D. Star Jesse Lee Soffer Teases More 'Upstead' Ahead

Jesse Lee Soffer with Tracy Spiridakos in Chicago P.D.

There’s more “Upstead” headed your way on Chicago P.D. Jesse Lee Soffer confirms that we haven’t seen the last of Halstead and Upton’s blossoming romance on screen.

During NBC’s midseason press event, Soffer teased more to come for the pair, noting that the show’s large ensemble makes it difficult for the Dick Wolf procedural to include their relationship in every episode.

“Just because you’re not seeing a certain dynamic play out in one episode, it’s because we have a lot of story we have to cover, and I’m sure you’ll see it in the next episode,” Soffer told reporters.

“Upstead” may be going strong, but that doesn’t mean Voight has warmed up to the idea of inter-office romances — though he’s not doing anything to stop them, either. “I think Voight has kind of adopted the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ attitude about all this stuff,” Jason Beghe, who plays Voight, added.

Speaking of romance, Voight’s antagonistic but friendly dynamic with Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller have certainly made them an interesting pair. Doesn’t that mean there’s potential for something more to develop between these two? According to Beghe, don’t get your hopes up.

“Probably not a traditional romance. I don’t think it’s necessarily number one on the hit parade with the writers’ room,” Beghe said. “But there’s a deep respect and a kind of a need, because we need each other to succeed. So there’s a connection and a trust, and that’s a certain kind of romance in a way — although it’s more affiliate than erotic.”