Made for Love Trailer: Cristin Milioti Gets a Mind of Her Own in HBO Max's Black Mirror-y Sci-Fi Comedy

Made for Love HBO Max Premiere Date Trailer

You know how they say married couples sometimes share the same brain? Yeah, well, HBO Max’s new series Made for Love is taking that idea literally.

The streamer has announced a premiere date for the sci-fi comedy — it debuts Thursday, April 1 with the first three episodes — and also released a new full-length trailer, which let us in on the Black Mirror-esque central conceit. Cristin Milioti (who’s a Black Mirror alum herself, having starred in “USS Callister”) plays Hazel, the wife of tech billionaire Byron (Tell Me a Story‘s Billy Magnussen), who enjoys swimming with dolphins… every morning in his own swimming pool. Their marriage seems happy, which leads Byron to introduce a new chip that married couples can implant in their brains to share their thoughts, using himself and Hazel as guinea pigs: “Technology has improved the way we live. Why not improve the way we love?”

Hazel’s not so happy, though: Byron implanted the chip in her brain without asking her first, and she wants it out, along with a divorce. She goes on the lam, with Dan Bakkedahl as a henchman of Byron’s tracking her every move and Ray Romano as Hazel’s widowed dad Herbert, who lives with a synthetic girl named Diane. “I don’t know what I want,” she admits to Byron, “but I know I don’t want you.”

Press PLAY below for a sneak peek at Made for Love, and then hit the comments and share your first impressions.

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