Country Comfort on Netflix: Grade Katharine McPhee's Nanny Comedy

Country Comfort Netflix

How did two actors born and raised in Los Angeles wind up starring in a Southern-set comedy about horses and country music? This is just one of the many questions we will not be exploring while we discuss the premiere of Netflix’s Country Comfort, so please check your logic at the front door.

The show’s first episode — which clocks in at a somewhat curious 20 minutes — gets right to the point, dropping a down-on-her-luck singer named Bailey (Katharine McPhee) on the doorstep of a family in desperate need of a nanny. She’s greeted by Tuck, the oldest and horniest of her future charges, who forces her inside and declares her their new nanny. He and his brother also declare her “sooo hot,” complete with a big ol’ thumbs up, which she finds flattering and not at all weird or inappropriate.

We then meet Beau (Eddie Cibrian), the kids’ father, and his girlfriend Summer, who always looks like she’s on the verge of shattering to pieces. They listen to Bailey’s whole sob story — about how her boyfriend kicked her out of their band and dumped her all in one night — but before they get a chance to say much of anything, a tornado siren sends everyone scurrying down to the basement, which is where the family’s previous nine nannies may or may not be buried. (For the record, no one says “just kidding” after that joke is made.)

Bailey tries to calm everyone’s nerves with an impromptu family jam session, which works… until it doesn’t. Oldest-daughter Cassidy throws a fit when she realizes that Bailey is using her late mother’s guitar, prompting Tuck to throw a fit of his own. Apparently Cassidy hasn’t let anyone in the family touch their instruments for the past two years, and he’s sick of living life according to her feelings. Frankly, it’s a pretty dark moment for the pilot of a lighthearted Netflix comedy.

So it’s Nanny McPhee to the rescue, as Cassidy runs off in the middle of a potential tornado. Bailey is eventually able to coax her back into the house — using fellow American Idol alum Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger,” no less — but it’s a close call. Seriously, they almost die several times.

And just like that, Bailey blows into the family much like the storm that landed her on their doorstep in the first place. Like most TV nannies, she’s completely unqualified for the job, but as Beau points out, “The room’s already fixed up and you said you like the mattress.” So she’s hired!

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