Grey's Recap: The Mourning After

Greys anatomy recap season 17 episode 8 its all too much

The dark cloud hanging over Grey’s Anatomy loomed ever larger and darker in Thursday’s episode. How could it not, what with DeLuca no longer making rounds, Meredith lingering in limbo between life and death, and oh yeah, that whole soul-sucking global pandemic thing, too. But on a cheerier note — hey, we’ll take what we can get! — we got another glimpse of Derek as well as a new drinking game courtesy of Jackson, Jo and Link. Read on, and I’ll (hic) tell you all about it.

‘SHUT THE DOOR ON YOUR WAY OUT’ | As “It’s All Too Much” began, our protagonists reeled from their loss, with Owen packing up DeLuca’s locker, Catherine comforting Richard, and Teddy coming face to face with the deceased? No, it was actually Cormac. “We really need some good news,” she told an unconscious Meredith. Speaking of whom, at limbo beach, she ran into Derek, who was busy fishing. Because, ya know, why not? At Jo’s, she admitted to Jackson that she needed joy in her life. “So I am switching specialties to OB.” Did she really think that her booty call would judge her? Considering his habit of going on walkabout, he wasn’t about to. At Mer’s, Maggie fretted over the kids’ reaction to DeLuca’s death. Rather than force her to dance with the youngsters, Winston jumped in, allowing his significant other to cry it out. Back at Grey Sloan, Helm hesitated to record her video tribute to DeLuca. Had they been that close?

greys-anatomy-recap-season-17-episode-8-its-all-too-muchIn Bailey’s office, Owen, Teddy and Richard met with the chief, who despite DeLuca’s obvious cause of death, demanded the results of his autopsy. Nearby, Winston, having been granted privileges (beyond the obvious ones) by Maggie, teamed up with his boo on the case of a fellow named Byron, who feared that being treated would give him COVID. Outside, as Levi explained to Nico that his go-to under duress was guilt, especially where DeLuca was concerned, his hookup shared that his was numb. Back at Mer’s, Amelia freaked when she discovered that Link was hiding alcohol around the house. He was stressed all the time, he responded, and dammit, he could drink if he wanted to. He wasn’t an alcoholic. “Sometimes Amelia, you drive me insane,” he railed — and he took the bottle of whiskey with him as he left. But “I’m coming back,” he added, “’cause I’m not a bad guy.”

greys-anatomy-recap-season-17-episode-8-its-all-too-much‘DID ANYONE LOSE A NAKED MAN?’ | In Mer’s room, Teddy and Cormac lowered her settings in hopes of getting Grey off the vent. “You can do this,” Hayes assured her. Meanwhile, on the beach, Derek told his true love how much she resembled their daughter. “You never got to meet Ellis,” she said. But apparently, he’d been watching. He knew all about their daughter. While Byron got an MRI, Winston deduced that the patient had a dental infection. “I thought of it,” Maggie insisted. “You just said it first.” Alas, Byron soon flipped out and went on a tear through the hospital. In a conference room, Richard shared with Catherine that he’d surrendered his sobriety to a higher power. “My faith is rooted in the trust that there is a meaning and a wisdom that I just can’t understand… Today I’m struggling to trust anything, and I just cannot see any wisdom in this.” In response, she reminded him that she lived with stage 4 cancer, and her latest scans were fine. No, none of it made any sense. “You can look for the pain, or you can look for the beauty.”

greys-anatomy-recap-season-17-episode-8-its-all-too-muchAt Jo’s, she asked Jackson WTH the stock market was, anyway — which made him joke that it was a good thing she already knew how to live out of her car. Just then, Link showed up saying he was Jackson there for a quick bang. “Happy All Our Friends Are Dying Day,” he said as they poured whiskey. “Oh, we’re day-drinking,” cracked Jo. And indeed, they were. In no time, a pity party was well underway. Back at Grey Sloan, when Winston and Maggie found Byron, he was upset that he wasn’t wearing his mask. “Honey, you’re not wearing anything,” Pierce noted. If he needed to leave, she wouldn’t stop him. But she would follow him, because his heart could only take so much more. “I think we owe it to those we lost,” she said, “to live the lives that they can’t.” Finally, he put his gloved hand in hers. At the same time, Richard yelled at Bailey for wanting to grill their team over DeLuca’s death. “You’re causing me harm,” Webber stated simply. And she’d only cause more by suggesting that they hadn’t all done everything they could to save DeLuca.

Greys anatomy recap season 17 episode 8 its all too much

‘I’M SUPPOSED TO WRITE A WHOLE PAGE ON LIVING FOREVER’ | On limbo beach, Derek reminded Mer of her experience teaching Zola to ride a bike by way of explaining that if she wanted to be closer to him, it was up to her. The more she relaxed, the closer he got. Back in real life, Teddy turned Mer’s settings back up, telling Cormac that she was staying on the vent. At the same time, Zola pondered aloud about whether if there were a medicine that could make you live forever, Amelia would take it. Nah, said her aunt. Impermanence was what made every life special. Back at Jo’s, she established the rules of her, Jackson and Link’s drinking game: Whoever’s story was saddest got the last swig. First, Link told his grim tale. Then Jo admitted that she’d even bought “outfits” to go on dates just before the end of the world. She almost won, too, but as Link pointed out, she had a loft all to herself. Thankfully, since Jackson was on call, he was still sober enough at the end of the round to drive them to DeLuca’s memorial. Speaking of the deceased, Teddy mistook Owen for him. While Meredith was almost face to face with Derek, he encouraged her to listen to Cormac back in reality as he told her about her kids calling every day. Suddenly, Cormac was on the beach. “They need you, Grey,” he said. “We all need you to fight.” She wasn’t sure that she could. She felt so relaxed there. Uh-uh, he insisted. She didn’t want her kids to go through what his had when they had lost their mom. “It’s OK,” Derek told her. “I’ll be right here.” And with that, Mer seemed to stir in her hospital bed — to the point that even Cormac noticed.

greys-anatomy-recap-season-17-episode-8-its-all-too-muchAs the hour drew to a close, Bailey bristled when Levi told her that Richard had set up a memorial for Andrew. But he softened her up when he confessed to being a bad Jew. What was probably important was the traditions. “It doesn’t bring the person back,” he acknowledged, “but it does start the healing.” That being the case, couldn’t she let those who cared about her grieve with her? They needed that, and she did, too. Finding Taryn outside the hospital, wigging over DeLuca and the pandemic, Maggie soothed her by standing back to back with her — an insanely sweet gesture. As the memorial was about to begin, Bailey told Richard that she needed some time off. “However long you need,” he said. Among the crowd were Carina, Maya, Tom and the day-drinking club. Painfully, the tribute to DeLuca ended with his Grey Sloan application video. “I will give you the very best of me,” he promised. And that he had. Finally, Link returned home, at which point Amelia said that what she needed from him was no more secrets. “Deal,” he said, and though he reeked of whiskey, they embraced. At the hospital, Owen found Teddy perched on the sidelines where she’d been since the memorial. “I’m gonna take you home,” he said — and then he carried her, yes carried her, away.

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