Grey's Showrunner Weighs In On the Series' Chances of Getting a Season 18: 'We All Hope There Will Be More'

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Apparently, Ellen Pompeo wasn’t exaggerating when she told CBS Sunday Morning that the fate of Grey’s Anatomy is still up in the air. When TVLine recently spoke with showrunner Krista Vernoff, she said the same thing — and that she wouldn’t be the one making the call about whether the series returns for Season 18 or ends with the current Season 17. “That isn’t really my decision.

“I’m waiting for the news to come down,” she added. In the meantime, “it’s my job to plan for both contingencies.”

No mean feat, that. “It’s really hard, and it’s frustrating,” Vernoff said, “and I hope to know soon.”

Should this turn out to be the last season of Grey’s Anatomy, surely it could go on in another form, right? A spinoff set at a rebuilt Pac-North, perhaps? “Honestly, I’m just trying to get through this season,” Vernoff said. “It’s been exceedingly difficult. Like, I don’t even have words that could be hyperbolic about how difficult making this show amidst an actual pandemic has been.

“So,” she concluded, “I’ll just say we are all doing our very best, and we all hope that there will be more Grey’s Anatomy, and we hope to know soon.”

What do you think? Can you even imagine Thursday nights without the long-running ABC drama? Were another hospital-set spinoff to be launched, would you watch — and who would need to be on staff? Hit the comments.

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