The Flash's Grant Gustin Teases a Mirrorverse Breakthrough, 'Spock Flash' and One Wild Bonus Scene

Flash 7x02 Iris Kamilla Singh Rescue

The ASF is all fueled up. Both Cisco and Caitlin/Frost are back in town. Is this the week that Team Flash manages a breakthrough in infiltrating Eva McCulloch’s Mirrorverse, to rescue Iris et al?

“We are going to make some progress,” series lead Grant Gustin tells TVLine, previewing tonight’s episode (airing at 8/7c on The CW). “The ASF powering up has an interesting effect on Barry,” bestowing him with what is dubbed speed-thinking.

Flash 7x02But with that upgrade, “he loses a bit of his empathy and emotions,” Gustin forewarns. “We are going to see what we are calling Spock Flash, which I had a lot of fun with. But because Barry is thinking so fast now with the ASF, he will come up with a plan to get most of the team out of the Mirrorverse.”

Wait, did he say most? Does that mean Barry’s wife Iris (played by Candice Patton), Cisco’s girlfriend Kamilla (Victoria Park), or police chief David Singh (Patrick Sabongui) are at risk of being left behind…??

“While Barry has this speed-thinking, we realize that we can’t save everybody,” Gustin previews, “so it’s kind of a Sophie’s Choice.”

Well, on the lighter side of things, tonight’s episode ends with a bonus scene that is as provocative as it is random.

Without spoiling at all what the sequence entails, Gustin says, “I had an inkling that we would tease this, and we would explore this at some point this season…. It’s hard to talk about without giving it away, but I was super-excited to see that we were teasing this.”

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