Superman & Lois' Inde Navarrette Explains the Cushing Family's Cultural 'Easter Egg' You Probably Missed

Superman & Lois Easter Egg

Superman & Lois certainly rewards eagle-eyed viewers by peppering DC-related references throughout its episodes, but as Inde Navarrette (aka Sarah Cushing) tells TVLine, not every Easter egg is ripped from the comics.

“In Mexican culture, we all get these little gold chains when we’re babies, and I kind of wanted to adapt that to what I believe Sarah would get from her parents,” Navarrette says. “So Sarah and her sister both have these little gold lockets. They sort of symbolize the girls’ relationship with their mom. Sophie always has her locket out because she’s young and she never sees her parents in any negative way. But Sarah sometimes tucks the locket into her shirt, and that means her relationship with her mom isn’t the best. Whenever it’s out or she’s touching it, she’s either thinking about her mom or with her mom. I kind of put that little Easter egg in there to see if anyone would get it.”

Like most teenagers, Navarrette says that Sarah has a complicated relationship with her mom (Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang-Cushing), whom she calls the “foundation” of who Sarah is. “Like every young girl, she just wants her mom’s approval. She wants to be like her. She looks up to her in so many ways.”

That said, we’d be curious to see Lana’s reaction if Navarrette ever gets this wish granted: “I want Sarah to shave her head,” she says. “It’s kind of a running joke with [showrunner Todd Helbing]. Maybe if I put it in an interview, he’ll let me do it.”

As for whether Sarah will someday crack the Kent boys’ super secret, Navarrette says that her character “can tell that there’s something more going on behind Jordan and Jonathan’s eyes that she doesn’t know about. Little lies aren’t adding up. And Sarah’s very perceptive, very smart.”

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