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The Flash Boss Breaks Down Season 7 Premiere's Wild Wells Twist and How Eva's Epiphany Will Alter Her Agenda

Flash Nash Wells Dies

The Flash returned this Tuesday night with a desperate need for speed — though the solution to his problem threatened to demand a major sacrifice.

With just one percent of his speed remaining, Barry turned to a makeshift Team Flash — Nash Wells joined by Chester and Allegra, with Iris, Cisco, Caitlin and Ralph alllll otherwise occupied — to find a way to finish up the Artificial Speed Force (ASF). After Nash consulted with the many Wellses residing inside his bean (including the inevitable Orson), it was suggested that the multiverse particles inside of Nash could be used to power the ASF.

The Flash Barry WellsA first test run left Barry “inhabited” by the assorted Wellses, as Grant Gustin did his best imitation of Tom Cavanagh’s assorted doppelgangers. Later, with the imminent threat of jet rigged to explode over Central City, the team worked again to funnel the particles into the fusion sphere. Alas, that proved unstable, so Nash risked everything to serve as an organic conduit. And in doing so, he and the other Wellses slowly perished, though not without bidding Barry adieu.

Flash 7x01 IrisElsewhere, Iris was taunted inside the Mirrorverse by several of her past selves, who nudged her to go mad. Iris, though, realized that they were manipulations of Eva’s, and found the strength to stand up to the villain’s psychological warfare; Eva herself discovered that she in fact died in the particle accelerator explosion and is her own mirror duplicate; and The Top taught Cecile how to reshape her meta powers.

Here is what The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace had to say about the Season 7 premiere’s three major cliffhangers.

DID THE EPISODE TITLED ‘ALL’S WELLS THAT ENDS WELLS’ INDEED END WELLS? | After all, in serving as an organic receptor for the multiversal particles that were drawn out of him and used to power the ASF (Artificial Speed Force), Nash and every other Wells gradually disintegrated, with many of the doppelgangers bidding Barry a sad, seemingly final farewell. Addressing original cast member Tom Cavanagh’s future with the series, showrunner Eric Wallace told TVLine, “I would say, ‘Fans of Tom Cavanagh, you should keep watching this show.’ Just because somebody’s dead doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty more to do.”

A big clue that Wells is not in fact completely gone is that fact that, as noted above, he only said goodbye to Barry. “Why would Tom Cavanagh leave the show without saying goodbye to Carlos [Valdes]’ Cisco? We cannot allow that,” said Wallace, adding: “Look for Tom to reappear in a unique way we haven’t seen before.”

WILL IRIS’ EMAIL HELP HER OR HURT HER? | After being viciously taunted by — but eventually mustering the mental fortitude to fend off — Mirrorverse versions of several of her past selves, Iris sat at her laptop and fired off a message to Kamilla and CCPD Chief David Singh (see flipped photo), both of whom also are trapped in the Mirrorverse. Though the message’s fate was unclear, it appears that the intrepid reporter, as always, has a way with the keyboard. In the next episode, “We will find out immediately … that the email is the key to getting Iris out of the Mirrorverse,” Wallace previews.

IS DEAD EVA A MORE DANGEROUS EVA? | Reluctantly cuing up video footage of what exactly happened to her in the wake of the particle accelerator explosion, Eva McCulloch realized that she actually died after being slammed against her office mirror — while a decidedly non-human version of her went on to exist inside the Mirrorverse. This sobering discovery “is going to give her a bigger, larger and — unfortunately for Team Flash — far more dangerous mission to fulfill,” Wallace warns. “Where she used to want to help humanity, now she’s going to have a much lower opinion of people. And she is going to act out in the worst way possible.”

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