The Walking Dead Showrunner Teases a Harder Maggie and an 'Incredibly Tense' Reunion With Negan in Bonus Episodes


The Walking Dead is set to unveil Maggie 2.0 in Season 10’s bonus episodes (the first of which has its AMC premiere Sunday at 9/8c). Glenn’s widow “comes back to us as someone who has seen so much darkness out in the world,” executive producer Angela Kang tells TVLine. “What we will see over time is that this is a person who has had to continue to harden herself and take sort of a more pragmatic approach to the world.”

Which is not to say that the Maggie we knew and loved is gone; she’s just… changed. “She has this incredible heart that is at the core of her character,” says Kang, “but if you remember the Maggie who hung Gregory without a trial… ” That, we do. “Well, she’s had to go more in that direction over time.

“Very little shocks her anymore,” the showrunner continues. “There are ways that she’s had to sort of protect herself by just cutting off certain feelings. She’s still Maggie, she’s just a Maggie who has seen worse things than most of our others have.”

We shudder to think what could have been worse than witnessing Glenn bludgeoned to death by Negan. Speaking of whom, when the Saviors’ former leader and Maggie first cross paths upon her return, “the tone is incredibly tense,” says Kang. “There’s no love lost there.”

In fact, Glenn’s murderer, more than anyone, might come to find himself taken aback by the “new” Maggie. “As the story between the two of them unfolds over time,” promises Kang, “he’ll start to see what about her is unexpected.”

What say you, Dead-heads? Are you looking forward to the series’ return? Do you think Maggie will wind up avenging Hershel’s dad after all? Hit the comments.

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