Legacies Recap: Hope and Landon's 'Reunion' Takes a Dark Turn

Legacies Recap

If Hope Mikaelson ever wants to overcome her reputation as the Salvatore School’s resident killjoy, showing up crying to a party she wasn’t invited to on Thursday’s Legacies was not a good start.

In Hope’s defense, her boyfriend did just dissolve into a puddle of supernatural goo, and the only reason she wasn’t invited was because everyone forgot her when she traveled through the Malivore pit — but let’s not get hung up on semantics here.

After convincing her classmates that she really is Klaus’ daughter (“Vampires can’t have babies!” Lizzie protested), Hope enlisted Alaric’s help in retrieving a powerful artifact. While he went off to play real-life Indiana Jones, she took another journey into the therapy box, which transported her to a slasher-themed reality where pitchfork-stabbings and lake-drownings were regular occurrences.

The good news? She found Landon in the box, or at least a version of him. The bad news? He spent most of their metaphorical reunion trying to convince her to give up on him. “You watched me dissolve,” he told her. “You know that your tribrid blood is toxic to Malivore. Deep down, what do you really think happened to me?” (Confession: Until he said those words out loud, I didn’t even consider that having sex with Hope could be considered Landon’s cause of death. This poor girl!)

Back in the real world, Alaric presented Hope with the aforementioned wish-granting artifact, but her efforts came up empty. Literally. The final scene of the episode found Hope staring hopelessly (tee-hee?) into the empty artifact, which she dropped into the lake after telling Alaric that it’s time for her to move on.

But perhaps she spoke too soon! The camera then panned under the lake and into the artifact, where Landon appeared to be walking through a Malivore-esque world of darkness. As for the mysterious door he walked into at the end… we’ll find out more about that on March 11.

Also worth discussing…

* Josie paid a visit to her new school this week, and between Ethan and her female tour guide (aka Maya’s ex-girlfriend!), I’m starting to think Josie might just have chemistry with… everyone? In that regard, she’s basically the Caroline of Legacies, which feels appropriate. And speaking of Ethan, was anyone else surprised to learn that his mom and sister casually left town?

* Finding out that Josie no longer eats bacon because of the time she spent as a pig in that fairytale was a phenomenal little callback.

* Lizzie once again tricked MG into help her, this time by syphoning his magic to astral-project into the Malivore prison world. She told him that they’d be looking for Landon, but it was actually part of her (complicated?) plan to convince Josie not to leave. And in true MG fashion, he once again showed Lizzie the error of her ways. That scene where Lizzie put together a first-day outfit for Josie was gosh-darn adorable.

* I prefer Happy MG over Sad MG, so I’m glad that he’s getting over Alyssa. (“How did I think that dating Maleficent was going to end well?”) As for Jed’s big moment this week… no complaints.

Your thoughts on this week’s (hectic!) episode of LegaciesDrop ’em in a comment below.

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