The Bachelor Recap: The Road to Hometowns Is Paved With Sad Tears

Matt James

After weeks of the wondering about Matt James’ thoughts, the remaining women got their answers on this Monday night’s The Bachelor as he selected his four finalists for hometown visits. But first, Matt had to decide what to do with Heather Martin.

Heather traveled all that way to meet him and even rented a creepy white minivan for the driving leg of the trip. In turn, Matt seemed truly tickled that his friend and former Bachelorette Hannah Brown had recommended Heather. The 10 women who had spent weeks on the show vying for Matt’s love, however, were not amused, and while Heather waited for Matt’s decision, promptly used that time to lash out at her.

Heather Martin Pieper, 23, who had been talking to Matt, 29, when Heather rudely interrupted, called the former contestant from Colton Underwood’s season a “random ass girl” and demanded an apology. And Kit, 21, who drolly loves to say she’s falling for Matt, called Heather a “b—h.” But no one came for Heather the way Jessenia, 27, did. “You missed that one so you tried this one,” Jessenia said, referring to the love Heather didn’t get from Colton.

The women’s negative energy and death stares made Heather cry — did she really think they would greet her with open arms?! — and Matt’s news didn’t help. Flattered that he had the juice to make a pretty blonde appear out of nowhere and profess her love, Matt ultimately said time wasn’t on their side and he is much closer to the contestants he’d actually gotten to know. What he really should have said is, “Girl, you seem crazy and thirsty af.” But he didn’t. Instead, Matt walked Heather out and said goodbye much to the delight of the 10, many of whom said Matt’s decision to take a stand made him even sexier. Um, OK.

Those feelings dissipated for some when Matt’s rose ceremony quickly followed and he didn’t choose Chelsea, 28, the chocolate-coated runway model from New York, and Serena C., 24, the flight attendant from San Francisco. It’s an elimination that also meant no more dark-skinned Black women and no more Asian women. [Slow eye roll] Give these two women their own dating show, please, because future appearances on the Bachelor in Paradise won’t cut it. Matt and Jessenia

Eight women remained but Abigail, Kit and Jessenia all resided in the same friend zone despite producers’ obvious attempts to make it seem as though Matt and Kit ever had a chance. But props to Kit for jumping ship before getting pushed. Abigail and Jessenia weren’t so lucky, with Matt telling Abigail he didn’t like her the way she liked him during the group date and escorting her out. Worse still, he took Jessenia on a one-on-one date only to dangle a rose in her face and not give it to her. Cold.

MATT’S BEST MOMENT | There’s no question that Matt is feeling Rachael Kirkconnell, 24, the graphic designer from Georgia. During the group date, he told her he thinks about her when they’re not together and he gave Rachael a rose and whisked her away to a romantic Aloe Blacc concert for two. Given the recent attention that Rachael has gotten for her past racial insensitivities and her subsequent apology, it’s going to be fascinating to see where this “love match” goes.

MATT’S WORST MOMENT | Dangling that rose in Jessenia’s unassuming face was bad enough, but the way Matt disposed of Pieper was worse. Dude didn’t say much beyond “sorry” and he all but threw her in the back of that luxury SUV before waving goodbye. A very teary Pieper, who seemed smitten from the moment she told Matt they already shared the last name “James,” cried and said she’s mad at herself for letting her guard down only to get dumped. Sigh. Poor Pieper.

THIS WEEK’S TRAIN-WRECK MOMENT | Watching Heather embarrass herself stung, and not because her actions weren’t desperate, because they were. But the whole notion of her “popping up” as a prop felt so mean that it’s hard to believe she was in on the joke. The producers clearly hate this woman; why else would they allow such a farcical distraction to play out?

BACHELORETTE STOCK FALLING! | Is it just us or does it seem like Pieper liked Matt way more than Serena P. does? She clearly wasn’t feeling that tantric yoga they did together and of the four finalists is undoubtedly the most uncertain. But at least we’ll get to meet Serena P’s parents in Canada before Matt pushes her away.

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