The Rookie's Dilemma: Will West Persist in His Plan to Bust a Bad Cop?

The Rookie

When last we tuned into ABC’s The Rookie, Officer Jackson West’s plan to get the goods on bad cop Doug Stanton hit a sinister snag. Will West now put his nascent career on the line, in the name of a greater good?

With Sgt. Grey’s blessing and counsel, West (played by Titus Makin) continued riding with Stanton (Brandon Routh) as his TO, provided that available allies join in on any radio calls that could turn problematic due to Stanton’s racist attitudes and aggressive tactics. But when Jackson, during one such call, left evidence unattended for fear that Stanton was whaling on a suspect, it resulted in him receiving a dreaded “blue page” (reprimand) from his TO.

Worse, Stanton rubbed it in the faces of Officers Bradford and Chen that the Black rookie he previously rode with, and whom they had felt out, had snitched about their suspicions. Stanton also made it clear to Gray that he was ready to turn the tables on everyone by tanking West’s career with more blue pages.

In this Sunday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), in the immediate aftermath of Stanton’s taunts, “Everybody is as upset as you would imagine,” Makin tells TVLine. “Everybody wants this poisonous person gone.”

But is the team’s well-intended jig up, for all intents and purposes? Is it time for Jackson, Bradford et al to back off, lest Stanton wash out the rookie’s career? Or, gulp, do worse?

“In this upcoming episode, we will literally be watching that unfold and see how people are dealing with that dilemma,” Makin previews. “Some people outside of Sergeant Grey might not even know [about Stanton’s veiled threat], but it’s one of the many things that he can kind of put in his arsenal of ‘Little Doug’s Secret Offenses.'”

Ultimately, it will fall upon West himself to determine if the risk — meaning, the career he so badly wants to have — is worth the potential reward of getting one bad cop off the streets.

And as is revealed in this Sunday’s opening minutes, Jackson is steeled to take that big gamble.

“That is the harsh reality that even true cops face. Like, do I say something and potentially ruin my career?” says Makin. “I’m happy that Jackson’s on the side of saying, ‘Yeah, I’ll do whatever it takes. Let Doug try what he’s going to try, but I fully want to get this dude off the street.'”

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