The Masked Dancer's Final Clues: Everything to Know About Tulip, Sloth and Cotton Candy Before the Finale

The Masked Dancer Recap Episode 7

Three of The Masked Dancer‘s most colorful costumes have scored a spot in the finale — and we have some sneaking suspicions about who’s underneath all that pastel.

Sloth, Tulip and Cotton Candy, arguably the three strongest performers from the start, will compete one last time on the two-hour Feb. 17 finale (Fox, 8/7c), until one of them snags the Diamond Mask Trophy and all three contestants reveal their identities.

Following this week’s semifinals performances, we’re more certain than ever that a TikTok star, Dancing With the Stars alum and Olympic gymnast are respectively donning Tulip, Sloth and Cotton Candy’s oversized heads… and all three of our guesses were finally suggested by the judging panel this week, too. But ahead of Wednesday’s finale, we’re taking one more look at everything we know about these finalists, from the clues in their video packages to those cryptic Word Up hints. (“App”? “Butterflies”? “Cover girl”? What does it all mean?!)

Do your Masked Dancer guesses match ours? If not, who do you think Sloth, Tulip and Cotton Candy might be? Scroll through the attached gallery (or click here for direct access) to review all of the current intel, then drop a comment with your final guesses before the season’s conclusion.