Drag Race Recap: Which Queen Got Burned by the Disco Inferno?

Drag Race Recap

With the negative vibes from last week’s explosive Untucked still looming large in the werkroom, Season 13’s apparent rivals went wig to wig for a second time on Friday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race — only this time, one of the queens got knocked out. Of the competition, that is.

The season’s sixth episode (“Disco-Mentary”) began with Tamisha Iman and Elliott With 2 Ts teaming up for a wallpaper-inspired mini challenge. As the only two queens not picked to partner with anyone else, Tamisha and Elliott had something to prove — and prove it they did, posing and punning their way to victory. Relive that madness below:

The pairs from the mini challenge carried over to this week’s maxi challenge, a series of disco-mentaries about one of the greatest eras in music. Ironically, the first thing we learned was that some of these queens need a serious lesson in disco history. Look, I love the Pussycat Dolls as much as the next gay, but when Kandy Muse said that she knew “I Will Survive” because it was sampled in “Hush Hush,” I just about died. Being 25 is no excuse for such ignorance.

It’s also worth noting that this week’s episode witnessed the birth of a new Drag Race clique: Gottmik, Tina Burner and Kandy — aka “The Mean Girls.” As Tina explained, “Some people think we’re bitches. But guess what? Drag queens are very loud and outspoken. We push buttons. If you want to call it mean, call it mean.” (The irony of Kandy being fine with the word “mean” while exploding at the word “arrogant” is just astounding.)

Olivia Lux as this week’s winner was no big surprise. Not only did the camera remain rightly fixed on her during most of her and Utica Queen’s disco-mentary performance, but the cut and fit of her little black dress on the runway was *chef’s kiss* perfection. She had good reason to flash that megawatt smile as she soaked in the judges’ praises.

While we’re giving our praise, I have to offer kudos to Gottmik. Not only was that tiny, merkin-esque dress a work of art, but Gottmik’s confidence walking the runway almost completely naked made the whole thing work on another level. “A year ago, I would never have done this,” she said. “I couldn’t be happier with how I look.”

On the other end of the spectrum, a musical rematch between Kandy and Tamisha was inevitable. The judges read Kandy’s passion-free performance and distracting runway look for filth, while Tamisha was similarly criticized for holding back in her number and not giving enough on the runway. Utica, while also judged harshly, narrowly escaped to safety.

Kandy and Tamisha Round 2 was set to the tune of Blu Cantrell’s “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!),” and the match felt pretty even at first. Both queens were doing a lot of finger pointing and dramatic strutting, but neither was doing anything to outperform the other. As the song progressed, however, it became clear that [1] Tamisha’s grasp on the song’s lyrics were questionable, and [2] Kandy was not about to lose this thing.

I’ll admit to rooting for Tamisha — especially after learning that the cancer survivor didn’t want her fellow queens to know she had an ostomy bag attached to her stomach — but I also won’t deny that Kandy gave this her all. At least the rivals’ post-performance hug suggested that there may be peace in the queendom after all. (So long, Tamisha.)

Did the right queen sashay away this week? Vote for the contestant you would have sent packing below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Season 13 thus far.

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