Last Call for WandaVision Speculation: Who Is Running the (Sitcom) Show?

WandaVision Who Created Alt Reality

WandaVision seems ready to address its biggest burning question. What do you think the answer will be?

Judging by the close of its third episode, Disney+’s WandaVision quite possibly will address its central mystery sooner rather than later — assuming, that is, that she who has been going by the name Geraldine is promptly debriefed about what just happened, that sent her hurtling through the digital “membrane” surrounding Westview.

How Geraldine went from standing in Wanda’s groovy living room, in the daytime, to crashing down onto a grassy field outside, in the dead of night, is “answered in the following episode,” Elizabeth Olsen told TVLine, “and it’s something I don’t want to spoil.”

Whether Geraldine is debriefed by the agents encamped outside Westview, or we somehow witness the rest of her increasingly tense conversation with Wanda, it would seem that the nature of the sitcom-like reality that Wanda and the late Vision reside in is about to be revealed. Given that promos have Geraldine saying, “I don’t know” (a line we have yet to hear) when Wanda asks, “Who are you?,” as well as show Geraldine being catapulted through the daytime sky into the pixelated membrane, some sort of flashback seems on tap.

Whatever the case, there is much evidence suggesting that Wanda herself is vested in perpetuating this alternate reality.  After all, it was she who firmly said, “No” upon spying the S.W.O.R.D. logo-sporting “beekeeper” outside her and Vision’s home, triggering a “rewind” to before they decided to investigate the strange noise. It was Wanda to whom Vision was detailing the pattern of neighborhood glitches, before a “skip” in the video jumped back to before he shared his suspicions. And most telling, Wanda appeared to patently lie — with a slightly sinister gleam in her eye — when Vision asked about Geraldine’s sudden disappearance from their home.

The last call for speculation is now!

◊ Did the powerful Wanda construct this alternate reality, possibly as a way of dealing with Vision’s death? And the “rewinds” and such have her been refusing to “let go”?

◊ Is some other, decidedly evil entity doing it — “for the children” (meaning, to facilitate the birth of twins Billy and Tommy) — and Wanda has been fighting to claim fleeting moments of control? (As the voice on the radio worriedly asked, “Who’s doing this to you, Wanda?”) Maybe she “rewound” the beekeeper because it was too soon/dangerous for outside intervention?

◊ Or has Wanda, if she is a “prisoner,” thus far been entirely unable to interfere, and her captor has been behind the rewinds that kept the real world from seeping through, and covering up Geraldine’s vanishing?

Or is it something altogether different?

What is your current theory? In your comments, BE SURE TO LABEL POSSIBLE SPOILERS that come from comic book storylines.