Riverdale: 22 Flimsy Excuses the Show Has Used to Get Archie's Shirt Off

Riverdale Archie Shirtless Photos Gallery KJ Apa

Riverdale has thrown many a brain-teasing mystery at us over the years, but one still stands out: Does Archie even own a shirt?

Yes, KJ Apa’s bare chiseled torso is as frequent a sight on the CW teen drama as a Pop’s milkshake. In fact, it’s a rare episode of Riverdale that goes by without Archie taking his shirt off for one reason or another. Across four seasons, the show has gone to great lengths to justify Archie removing his clothes, from underground fight clubs to surprise bear attacks — and we don’t hear any fans complaining.

But enough talk: Let’s get to the good stuff. With Riverdale returning for Season 5 this Wednesday at 8/7c, we’re looking back at the most ridiculous excuses the show has come up with so far to get Archie’s shirt off. (And yes, that means lots and lots of shirtless Archie photos. You’re welcome.)

Join us in the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — as we conduct a scholarly review of Archie’s finest shirtless moments on Riverdale. Did we miss any? Please add to the intellectual discourse by hitting the comments below and sharing your favorite Archie shirtless scene. For educational purposes, of course.

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